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McDowell Introduce BOST Large Capacity Machine Tools

McDowell Introduce BOST Large Capacity Machine Tools

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 25 February 2013

BOST Machine Tool Company is based in the North of Spain. They have been manufacturing machine tools for 40 years & have now broken into the UK market through their partnership with McDowell Machine Tool Solutions Ltd.

BOST manufacture large capacity machine tools for the heavy industry sector with VTL's ranging from a 1600mm chuck diameter through to 10000mm, Travelling column Borers with Y axis vertical travel from 3000mm to 7000mm, MillTurns with a centre capacity of up to 40000mm and a chuck diameter of 1000mm to 2800mm.

Their philosophy on machine tools is customer specific so that all their machine tools can be tailored to each individual customer requirements; their machines are engineered with accuracy, rigidity and durability in mind.

McDowell welcomes the first VTL into the UK in March 2013. The Smart 36C is to be installed at Whittaker Engineering in Stonehaven and offers a full hydrostatic guiding system, a 3000mm diameter chuck with a 3600mm maximum swing, a maximum turning height of 2800mm and a maximum table load of 35000 kg. The machine boasts a vast array of options including inline inspection ram (V axis), B axis milling head with a 180.000* index range, robot tool change system, and chuck extensions.

Managing Director Stuart McDowell said 'McDowell Machine Tool Solutions are delighted to have the opportunity to provide the UK manufacturing community with such a prestigious product. BOST share our ethos on producing high quality machine tools that better serve the end user by asserting their technical abilities to customise their machines, enabling enhanced production performance and optimized production processes.'

The BOST product range includes Vertical Lathes, Turnmill Lathes and the BOSTRAM boring machine. The BOST brochure, along with further specification can be found at www.mcdowellmts.com

McDowell Machine Tool Solutions Ltd is a Dundee based company with clients across the UK. They are the Scottish representative for high end brands including Unisign, Takisawa. They are also UK agents for Bost and Kuraki. The company provides machine tool solutions for industries such as Aerospace, General Machining, Oil and Gas, Energy, Truck & Train and Heavy Industry.

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