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McDowell MTS become official Unisign representative for Scotland

McDowell MTS become official Unisign representative for Scotland

Unisign and McDowell Machine Tool Solutions Ltd have announced a partnership that will provide Scotland with the Unisign range of machine tools.

Unisign produce high quality and innovative CNC machine tools, partially standardized, partially customized. This flexibility makes the brand a leader in a wide range of applications including, Aerospace, General machining, Oil and Gas, Energy and Truck and Train.

Unisign have a wide product range including, vertical machining centres, portal machining centres and multi-task machining centres including the Unicom 8000 (pictured) which can be viewed in action in the McDowell you tube channel.

The brands strong focus on versatility means Unisign machines are ideal for any busy shop floor with a diverse range of contracts.

Unisign can also offer to design a customer specific solution is there is not a suitable specification within the standard product range.

McDowell Machine Tool Solutions Ltd is a Dundee based company with clients across the UK. They are the Scottish representative for high end brands including Unisign and Takisawa. They also provide machines from Bost and Kuraki. The company provide machine tool solutions for industries such as Aerospace, General Machining, Oil and Gas, Energy, Truck & Train and Heavy Industry.

The full Unisign range can be viewed at www.mcdowellmts.com. Contact McDowell Machine Tool Solutions to make Unisign your partner in productivity.


Published on MTD CNC by on 15 March 2013

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