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Milling, Turning and Grinding in a Single Set-Up

Milling, Turning and Grinding in a Single Set-Up

Added to MTDCNC by DMG MORI on 04 July 2017

Machine tool manufacturer DMG MORI has announced that grinding can be integrated into three sizes of 5-axis mill-turn centre in the company’s duoBLOCK FD series, the largest of which has 1,600 × 1,600 × 1,100 mm linear axis travels.

The addition of grinding on the same machine platform will be of particular interest to manufacturers wishing to take advantage of single set-up metalcutting to preserve dimensional accuracy and combine it with high quality surface finishes down to 0.4 µm achievable with grinding.

Sizes 80, 125 and 160 in the duoBLOCK FD series, both the DMU and the DMC pallet-change version, can be equipped with grinding capability, in which case the machine designation carries the suffix FDS. DMG MORI technology cycles in the machine control for internal, external and face grinding support the processes and there is a specific cycle for calibration of the grinding wheel truing station. New wheel diameters can be defined automatically.

New also is an acoustic sensor that detects the initial contact between the grinding wheel and the truing unit, ensuring reliability and accuracy. The first contact between the grinding wheel and the component is determined via the spindle load meter.

Additional measures have been taken to protect the ballscrews and scales from ingress of particles from the grinding processes. The 1,300-litre capacity coolant unit has been equipped with a centrifugal filter that separates particles finer than 10 µm.

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