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MTD talk to Tony Dale from Mills CNC about their new SMX machine

MTD talk to Tony Dale from Mills CNC about their new SMX machine

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 01 August 2015

Mills CNC has now announced the arrival of its award winning Doosan Puma SMX3100 multi-tasking turning centre. The machine has already won the Red Dot design award, a prestigious award that recognises the aesthetics, ergonomics and user friendliness of products - all of which is crammed into an impressive new machine that is now available in the UK from Mills CNC..

Looking a little closer at the machine, it has a 12/15 inch chuck capacity with a smaller 10/12inch chuck version available on the SMX2600 machine. The machine is offered with a tailstock or back-end spindle option and it has a bar capacity for up to 4 inches. Telling MTD about the new SMX3100 machine, Mr Tony Dale, Technical Director at Mills CNC says: 'This machine is generally for end users producing high value parts that demand milling and turning in a single cell to produce multi-featured components.'

One of the key features behind the new SMX3100 is that this third generation machine has done away with the compound slide configuration and replaced it with an orthogonal slide. Over the previous compound slide, the new design improves precision, removes thermal uncertainty and it gives the end user more capacity on the Y-axis milling head. The Y-axis movement is now 300mm compared to 230mm on the previous model. Highlighting the importance of the thermal stability, Mr Dale continues: 'On a machining centre any inaccuracy created by thermal instability is rather small. However, when conducting turning operations, that small thermal growth is effectively doubled as the turning tool is removing material from the diameter as opposed to just one face when milling.'

The SMX3100 has an 80 tool Capto H6 capacity with an HSK 63 version offered. The Capto system is extremely rigid and provides face and taper contact to improve precision for the end user. All the spindles on the new machine are direct drive motors and the benefit of this is higher torque levels and faster response times. The motors are all oil cooled with 6 sensors located around the machine that work to an algorithm that ensures the machine tool remains thermally stable. The guideways are all linear as opposed to the box-guideway system used on previous generation machines. This enhances speed and precision with rapid axes movements of 48m/min.

The B-axis milling head has been developed for full simultaneous 5-axis machining with the head effectively running on a roller-cam configuration. This design provides continuous movement and eliminates backlash to improve precision. For further details, please get in touch with Mills CNC..

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