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Mills CNC to show nine high-performance milling and boring machines at MACH
Mills CNC to show nine high-performance milling and boring machines at MACH
Mills CNC to show nine high-performance milling and boring machines at MACH

Mills CNC to show nine high-performance milling and boring machines at MACH

Mills CNC will showcase nine high-performance milling and boring machines at MACH.

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, is exhibiting 23 Doosan machine tools at MACH 2014.

The company’s stand (Hall 5 Stand 5430) is the largest Mills has ever booked at MACH and, at 806m2 is the biggest stand at this year’s Show.

Mills will be showcasing an impressive cross-section of its Doosan 3- and 5-axis vertical machining centres, horizontal machining centres and a horizontal boring machine from its stand (9 machines in total) – many of which are new machines making their UK and/or MACH debuts.

Says Nick Frampton, Mills CNC’s managing director:

'Doosan machining centres and horizontal borers have set new benchmarks for performance, productivity, reliability and best value. The machines we’re taking to MACH highlight all of these attributes.'

New at MACH: DNM MARK II vertical machining centres

The new DNM ‘Mark II’ series of machines (the DNM 400, DNM 500 and DNM 650 models) is the next generation’ of  Fanuc- and Heidenhain-controlled Doosan DNM 3-axis vertical machining centres recently introduced by Mills.

The machines are equipped with powerful 12,000rpm direct-drive (in-line) spindles, rigidly-designed and built headstocks, roller-type guide-ways for increased accuracy and improved performance and a thermal compensation package as standard.

A new DNM 400 Mark II machine and a new DNM 500 Mark II machine are being exhibited at MACH.

VC 430

The VC 430 is a twin table vertical machining centre delivering exceptional cutting performance, and, through its twin pallet configuration, significant increased productivity.
The machine is designed for high-speed, heavy-duty machining and is ideal for higher volume production. The machine is equipped with an 18.kW 10,000rpm spindle, a 30-position (BT 40) tool changer and twin pallets with rotary pallet changer

New at MACH: DNM 200 5AX (5-axis machine)

The DNM 200 5AX is a flexible and functional 5-axis machine designed for 4 + 1 machining and its versatility means it can be used for high-accuracy machining, heavy metal removal and fine finishing operations.

The DNM 200 5AX is a compact machine and its technical specifications and performance are similar to that of the Doosan DNM 350 5AX launched by Mills in 2013.

The machine has a rigid C-frame construction, a 200mm diameter table capable of handling work-pieces up to 60kg in weight, a powerful oil-cooled 18.5kW 12,000rpm direct-drive spindle and a 200 block look ahead / 1g capacity data server for high speed contouring.

Axis travels on the machine are 400mm x 435mm x 500mm in X, Y and Z respectively, and the machine's 5-axis capability is delivered by its A- axis (+30/-120 degrees of movement) and a C- axis (360 degrees of movement achieved in 0.001 increments).

The DNM 200 5AX will be taking its place at MACH alongside the larger already-established and highly-successful Doosan 5-axis machine – the VC 630 5AX, and the new Doosan VCF 850 5AX.

VC 630 5AX

The VC 630 5AX is a powerful 5-axis machine equipped with the Heidenhain iTNC 530 control, and is available with a choice of spindle speeds (12,000-20,000rpm).

Tool changer capacity can also be specified (60/81/101/121 position), and the machine’s 5-axis capabilities are provided by its A-axis (150 degrees tilting table) and C-axis (360 degree rotary table) movement.

New at MACH: VCF 850 5AX

Doosan’s VCF 850 5AX is a large-capacity 5-axis machine with a 3500mm fixed bed length and X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 3000mm x 850mm x 800mm.

The machine has a B-axis (+/- 120 degrees) swiveling head milling spindle (22kW/12,000rpm), a 500mm diameter rotary table, a 30/60 position ATC and can be supplied with either a Fanuc 31i-5AX or Heidenhain CNC full 5 axis simultaneous control.

Other large capacity milling machines Mills is showcasing at MACH include the Mynx 6500-50 a heavy-duty, box guide-way vertical machining centre, and the powerful and versatile NHM 6300 horizontal machining centre.

Mynx 6500-50

Mynx vertical machining centres are designed for tough machining applications.

The box-guide-way Mynx 6500 (50) has a 6,000rpm spindle (50 taper), 30 tool magazine and 1,400mm x 670mm table.

NHM 6300

The NHM 6300 is a box guide-way machine equipped with a 22/35kW, 6,000-rpm (BT 50) spindle generating 1444Nm of torque, and can accommodate work pieces up to 1,050mm diameter x 1,350mm height and weighing 1200kg on each of its twin pallets.

The NHM 6300 has full 0.001 degree B axis table capability, and is equipped with a 90-position chain-type tool magazine.

Mills’ milling line-up at MACH is completed with the latest DBC 130 Mark II horizontal boring machine.

New at MACH: DBC 130 Mark II

Doosan’s DBC 130 Mark II horizontal boring machine has a rigid construction for long life accuracy, and is equipped with a heavy-duty spindle with 130mm diameter quill for optimum cutting performance.

The machine is designed for large, precision component manufacture typically found in the oil/gas, heavy automotive, nuclear and other power generation sectors.

The DBC 130 II machine has a high-torque, powerful spindle (45kW/37kW, 3,000rpm) for heavy-duty cutting, and a large work-piece table (1,600 x 1,800mm).

Concludes Nick Frampton:

'Anybody who thinks that Mills is a company predominantly selling and servicing lathes/turning centres should think again.

'Our growth in the 3- and 5-axis vertical machine, horizontal machining centre and horizontal borer market over recent years demonstrates the demand for Doosan’s milling and boring technologies – and this explains why we’re exhibiting 9 of these machines at MACH.'

Published on MTD CNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 28 February 2014

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