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New Servicing Division launched by Mills CNC
New Servicing Division launched by Mills CNC
New Servicing Division launched by Mills CNC

New Servicing Division launched by Mills CNC

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 19 April 2013

New Servicing Division launched by Mills CNC will strengthen the company’s customer service offering and elevate the Doosan machine tool brand still further, says Nick Frampton, Mills CNC’s managing director.

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, can hardly be accused of being a follower.

The company, widely recognised as being an innovator and pioneer in the machine tool sector, is regularly perceived as being ‘ahead of the game’, and is constantly developing and improving its services to customers.

The collective mindset of Mills CNC employees (evidenced from top to bottom throughout the organisation) is to challenge the conventional, avoid complacency and to always look for new ways to delight its customers.

It’s a strategy that has served the company well and in recent years has seen Mills launch the CNC Training Academy and create the independent Mills CNC Finance operation.

Following in this tradition the company has announced the creation of a new Servicing Division – Mills CNC Servicing.

Mills CNC Servicing

Explains managing director, Nick Frampton:

'We understand and recognise that the service we provide to customers is equally as important as the products we sell.

'At Mills we do everything we can to ensure that our customers have hassle-free access to high-quality, responsive and cost-efficient services that add real value to their business.

'The creation of the new Mills CNC Servicing Division is a case in point.'

Prior to the creation of the new Servicing entity, Mills’ machine tool servicing operation was managed and delivered by the Service Team.

Comments Nick Frampton:

'Owing to increasing sales of new Doosan machines and the fact that we can deliver ex stock machines (sometimes within days) to our customers, our Service Team is busier than ever installing machines. Devoting the necessary resource to routine maintenance visits can therefore sometimes prove difficult - but is something we were determined to put right.'

Thinking outside the box
The company has therefore decided to create a totally separate servicing division employing a team of engineers entirely dedicated to servicing Doosan machines.  

The new resource has taken pressure off the Mills Service Team, removed resource conflicts (i.e. between servicing and installation), and provides customers with a more flexible and accessible service.

Continues Nick Frampton:

'Customers like to arrange servicing visits when it’s convenient for them and when machine tool downtime has minimum impact on their production schedules e.g. shutdowns, operator holidays etc.

'Because we have the new dedicated servicing resource in place we can match our servicing engineer availability to our customer’s requirements and ensure that servicing visits to customers take place as planned – with no cancellations or delays.'

These ‘guarantees’ combined with the fact that the new Servicing Division has employed a team of three factory-trained servicing engineers (who know every Doosan machine tool inside out), and who have quick and direct access to Mills CNC’s £1.6m of genuine Doosan spares as well as to the company’s world-class applications and technical support, means that customers can expect to receive a professionally-delivered, responsive service that has customer satisfaction at its core.

The new servicing division is headed up by John Roberts, Service Contracts Manager, who previously worked on Mills CNC’s Service Helpdesk. His knowledge and experience of all Doosan machines combined with his passion for customer service make him ideally suited to the job; to fully understand every customer’s individual servicing needs, and be able to interpret these requirements to create customer-specific service proposals that tick all the right boxes.

Says John Roberts:

'A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t what it’s all about. Instead we offer a range of options depending on each customer’s requirements – everything from a routine maintenance service visit right through to a more sophisticated solution that could include ball bar testing, laser calibration etc.'

Servicing: a cost or an investment?

Machine tool servicing isn’t high on every manufacturer’s agenda – and this is no different with Mills customers, because the renowned reliability of Doosan machine tools can mean that servicing issues (for them) are always ‘on the back burner.’

Explains Kevin Gilbert, Mills CNC’s Customer Support Manager:

'Although the old adage that “if something isn’t broken then why fix it?”, can apply to some customers – it’s less frequent than it used to be, because customers operating in highly-competitive manufacturing environments where quality, delivery and cost-competitiveness are key drivers to success, understand that their machine tools are valuable assets that need to be looked after.'

All evidence shows that having correctly serviced machine tools makes economic sense.

He continues:

'Besides improving a machine tool’s reliability and providing customers with peace of mind, the Mills servicing process includes a comprehensive diagnostic and fault-finding check enabling future, potential machine tool performance issues and problems to be highlighted. By drawing customers’ attention to these findings ensures that these issues can be addressed and rectified in good time, before they can impact on production and be resolved at a time that is convenient to the customer.'


Giving customers choices and options is important to Mills CNC.

'Nobody', explains Kevin Gilbert “likes to be presented with a fait accompli or faced by proposals with open ended costs or ambiguous deliverables.'

Doosan users can opt either for a Service Contract, which allows the specify how many service visits they are likely to need (e.g. depending on machine tool use and type of machining undertaken) within the 12 month period of the contract or, alternatively, decide not to be tied to any contract and opt for a fixed price (one-off) service instead.

Continues Kevin Gilbert:

'Service Contracts provide customers with peace of mind. They are attractive because, in addition to the cover, they also provide customers with discounts on parts and labour costs. But, because not every customer wants or needs a Service Contract, we have introduced a fixed-price (machine specific) service option.

'Fixed price servicing does exactly what it says on the tin. Customers can contact us for a price to service their Doosan machine and we will provide them with a fully-inclusive cost. A fixed-price, machine-specific service cost is the same for all our customers irrespective of where they are based in the UK mainland.'

Any additional work identified during a Mills service is highlighted to the customer but is not undertaken unless and until that work is sanctioned by the customer. In that way the customer remains in control and is not hit by unexpected costs or bills.'

Mills CNC Servicing is and up running with an official launch taking place in March 2013. To meet the expected increased demand, the company is looking to recruit additional servicing engineers to join the existing team.

New promotional materials and marketing collateral are being developed (including a new website), and the new entity will be going to market with a brand identity that makes a promise to customers and encapsulates exactly what Mills CNC Servicing is all about.

‘Keeping your Doosan happy’ is the new proposition that’s been created, and Mills CNC Servicing has everything in place to make sure that this is the case.'

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