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Mills CNC's total sales turnover exceeds 63 million
Mills CNC's total sales turnover exceeds 63 million

Mills CNC's total sales turnover exceeds 63 million

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 16 January 2015

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, has reported that strong machine tool sales during the whole of 2014 resulted in the company achieving its best sales performance in its 42 year history.

Comments sales director, Nick White:

'It’s been another fantastic year for us.

'The year started strongly, accelerated after the MACH 2014 Show in April, and gained further momentum in November and December.

'Since 2010 sales revenues have grown by over 70% and this performance, when compared to the 50% growth experienced by the UK machine tool sector at large during the same period, further demonstrates our success and our ability to consistently out-perform the market.'

Further analysis into Mills’ 2014 sales performance reveals that the company delivered 467 new Doosan machines to customers during the 12 month period.

Sales of large-capacity horizontal boring machines, horizontal machining centres and Puma lathes (often delivered as part of a turnkey or process improvement solution) were particularly impressive, as were sales of the company’s (smaller) new frame lathes (i.e. Puma 2100; Puma 2600 and Puma 3100 models), and Lynx lathe models.

(Worthy of special mention here were sales of Lynx lathes with integrated Y-axis capability which sold like the proverbial ‘hot cakes’ throughout the year).

The company’s range of 3- and 5-axis vertical machining centres also proved popular and new machine tools introduced by Mills during 2014, like its Puma ST20G and ST32G sliding head range also made a healthy contribution to overall sales.

Mills success hasn’t and doesn’t happen by chance.

Certainly the depth and breadth of the Doosan machine tool range and the regular introduction of new Doosan machines into the market are important. This plus consistent investment in new Doosan machines from Mills’ large, loyal and growing customer base does much to explain the company’s high levels of organic growth.

But, as Nick White, is keen to point out:

'...over 25% of our business comes from new customers and I believe that our ability to both attract new business and retain existing customers is as much to do with Mills’ after-sales services and customer support as it is to do with the technology we provide.'

Mills is a both  a market- and service-led company, and every year the company launches a number of new service and support initiatives designed to help make customers’ lives easier...better...and more profitable.

2014 was no exception and a key initiative saw the expansion of its Operations Centre, Turnkey Development Centre and the CNC Training Academy.

Mills’ 25,000sq ft Operations Centre, where over 60 new Doosan machines are held in stock and are prepared for immediate delivery to customers, has had a significant impact on the company’s performance.

Comments Nick White:

'Machine tool availability and delivery times are important purchasing considerations for customers.  

'Holding such large numbers of Doosan machines in stock provides customers with peace of mind and the confidence that their new machine will be with them in double-quick time.'

Whilst 2014 was a highly successful year for Mills the company has its sights focused firmly on the future.

In the weeks and months ahead Mills will introduce a number of new Doosan machine tools into the market including its large capacity VCF 850 range of 5-axis machines, and its new Puma 4100/5100 range of heavy-duty lathes (which will replace the current Puma 400 and Puma 480 series).

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