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From January to March 34 new Doosan machines were sold across Ireland
From January to March 34 new Doosan machines were sold across Ireland

From January to March 34 new Doosan machines were sold across Ireland

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 06 May 2014

Mills CNC experiences dramatic growth in first quarter sales in Ireland and strengthens its Irish-based sales, applications and service team to meet increased demand.

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, has reported a strong surge in first quarter sales in Ireland – both North and South of the border.

From January to March 2014 some 34 new Doosan machines were sold across Ireland.

Comments Nick Frampton, Mills CNC’s managing director:

'Ireland is a market place where word of mouth is strong with customers and past performance really does impact heavily on future sales. The emphasis we place on after sales support has helped us build close relationships with our customers.'

There are a number of factors that help explain such growth in sales beyond the continuing economic recovery being experienced in Northern Ireland, and the renaissance of Southern Ireland’s, mainly export-driven, manufacturing economy.

Mills CNC has a dedicated and well-resourced team in place in Ireland. This team, comprising sales staff, applications and service engineers, is responsible for driving sales and delivering the high levels of customer service and support to its large (and growing) installed base of 500+ machines.

Furthermore the team is always being strengthened and in 2013 the headcount was increased with the appointment of Mr Declan Boyle as a sales representative in Southern Ireland.

The depth and breadth of the Doosan machine tool range is also important, as is machine availability.

Explains Martin Blakely, Mills’ Business Unit Manager for Ireland:

'There aren’t many (if any) companies that can rival our range. We supply everything from lathes and turning centres, through to 3-and 5-axis machining centres, mill-turn machines and horizontal borers.

'What’s more we are always introducing and launching new Doosan ranges and models into the market – and this year has been no exception with the arrival of our new sliding head lathes, new DNM Mark II verticals, new Lynx y-axis lathes and new DNM 5-axis machining centres.

'The developments we have made with the creation of Mills CNC Technology Campus and the increased number of new Doosan machines we now hold in stock means that Irish (and UK) manufacturers can get their machines delivered, installed and operating in next to no time.'

These strengths, combined with the company’s extensive parts operation, its new Turnkey Development Centre and its machine tool financing and CNC training capabilities (provided by Mills CNC Finance and the CNC Training Academy respectively), have all contributed in making Mills the number one choice for Irish manufacturers.

Concludes Nick Frampton:

'We have always taken the view here at Mills that you can’t conduct business in Ireland (seriously or effectively) if you haven’t got people on the ground.

'Some companies treat Ireland (certainly Southern Ireland) as an outpost, and occasionally ‘parachute’ staff in to assess the ‘lay of the land’.

'Our approach is different. We have the people and resources in place and that demonstrates our commitment. Looking at our recent performance it would appear that this business strategy is working.'

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