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Motorsport Company Progresses with ROMI Machines
Motorsport Company Progresses with ROMI Machines

Motorsport Company Progresses with ROMI Machines

Added to MTDCNC by Romi Machines (UK) Ltd on 22 March 2016

Set up just over 5 years ago, Progressive Motorsport has an impressive pedigree as its two owners have spent the majority of their careers working in the Motorsport sector. It was this life-long knowledge of the sector that made the two directors realise they could provide the industry with something different....

Commenting upon the ‘something different’, Dave Ward, Managing Director of Northants based Progressive Motorsport says: ‘We are a solution provider. There are a lot of companies out there that can produce parts for the industry, but our niche is in delivering a solution. There are a lot of people that can take race cars to tracks, but there are very few that can take a product finished by the race car or road car manufacturer and improve it. That's what we do; we deliver 'Super-sport cars'.’

The company was initially outsourcing a lot of its work, so one of the first steps with regards to bringing work in-house was the machining capability. The company started with rapid prototyping and then moved on to the ROMI machine range with the installation of a ROMI C420 turning centre with semi-automatic and full CNC production and the ROMI D1000 CNC machining centre.

Commenting upon the two machine installations, Progressive Motorsport shop floor machinist, Mr Rob Fisher says: ‘I've worked with all types of machine tools in the past and the ROMI machines have to be about the best I have come across. The control units are easy to use, the training was excellent and we were making parts almost as soon as the machines arrived.’

The ROMI D1000 is a 10,000rpm spindle machine with a 30 station tool changer and a 30m/min rapid rate that gives the Brackley Company all the speed and agility it could ask for. The components machined on the D1000 range from aluminium to tool steel, which meant that this motorsport subcontractor needed a machine with the utmost in rigidity and performance. As Mr Ward continues: ‘We looked around the market at various machine tool vendors and we needed a solution that was going to be top end, quick and arrive with a good level of service. Because our business moves very fast, we needed a machine tool supplier that could work to our demands.’

‘Last year we had 7 employees, now we have 17. That's fast growth and we needed someone that could come and assist us straight away and that's what ROMI managed to do. For us, we are producing parts that are installed on exceptionally fast cars, so we need the most impeccable quality possible. This quality control is the reason we brought our production in-house and it's the reason we opted for ROMI machine tools’

‘As for the future, we envisage more growth and potentially a race program. This could see our company rapidly grow to over 30 employees. One thing is for sure, we are extremely pleased with the ROMI machines and the service they provide as we continue our growth strategy,’ concludes Mr Ward.

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