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Tony Dale from Mills CNC tells MTD about the new Doosan VCF 850
Tony Dale from Mills CNC tells MTD about the new Doosan VCF 850
Tony Dale from Mills CNC tells MTD about the new Doosan VCF 850

Tony Dale from Mills CNC tells MTD about the new Doosan VCF 850

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 06 December 2015

The MTD squad recently took a trip to Mills CNC to have a chat with Tony Dale to find out a bit more about the latest offering from Doosan, the VCF 850LSR. 

The VCF 850LSR is Doosan's newest 3m bed travelling column vertical machining centre with the option of a rotating head and built in rotary table.

Sounding like this machine has a little something for everyone, Mr Dale, the Technical Director at Mills CNC told us: 'The VCF is an extremely flexible machine, but it can be applied as a 3-axis machine, a 2m bed length and so on. It doesn't have to be specified as a full 5-axis machine; and as a machine that is targeted at the aerospace sector, its very robust, powerful and yet flexible. The flexibility of this machine enables it to do the job of several other machines, something that can cut down on production and set-up times for customers machining large complex parts.

'The LSR denotes the 'L' Long length bed version, the 'S' eludes to the Swivelling full contouring head that provides 30 degrees of movement beyond the full 180 degrees. The 'R' identifies the Rotary table. The rotary table is 800mm diameter or customers can specify a 500mm rotary table that is mounted separately to the bed. As a full contouring 5-axis machine, the Doosan VCF has the Heidenhain 530 control unit but it is also available with a Fanuc control system.

The 3m machine can also be configured with a centre guard for pendulum machining, so customers can set-up one part rapidly whilst the machine is processing the next part. The machine has a 30 or 60 tool ATC unit option that can also be configured with long tool attachments fitted to the end of the bed for operations such as gun-drilling and deep hole boring. The machine has a BT40 12000rpm spindle motor and it weighs in at 22 tonnes.

Concluding on why customers should look at the machine, Mr Dale says: 'The VCF 850LSR has the longest Y-axis in its class at 850mm, the longest Z-axis in its class and at 22 tonnes the base cast and build quality is more robust and heavier than alternate machines with better vibration damping. We've already put a machine in the market, so its targeting new users for Mills CNC.'

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