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MTDCNC explore the Starrag STC1250
MTDCNC explore the Starrag STC1250

MTDCNC explore the Starrag STC1250

Added to MTDCNC by Starrag UK Limited on 23 January 2015

The MTD team was recently invited by one of its newest customers Starrag UK to take a trip to the Advanced manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in Sheffield to take a look at its Starrag STC1250 high performance horizontal machining centre in action, how could we resist!

Renowned as the UK's leading technology centre for the aerospace industry, the MTD team couldn't wait to take a nose around the impressive facility and the equipment that is driving aerospace innovation in the UK. A centrepiece in the facility is the impressive Starrag STC1250 HMC. It warrants the floor space and position in the AMRC - as it is one of the world's leading machine tools for the aero industry.

Lee Scott from Starrag UK gave MTD the nuts and bolts on the machine to see why it's such a success in the aero sector. The STC1250 has a 'nodding head' A-axis that is remarkably rigid and strong that has been designed for cutting materials such as titanium and inconels. Capable of accepting cutting tools beyond 80mm diameter, the STC is capable of material removal rates in excess of 760 cubic centimetres per minute. As Mr Scott informed us, in the aero sector material removal and efficient evacuation of swarf is key to success and profitability.

The impressive machine has a global attraction to manufacturers of structural aero parts as well as engine components such as blisks and impellers. Whilst the machine is ideal for rough machining applications, its 40m/min rapids make it well suited for highly productive finish machining of complex components. With the STC, surface speeds beyond 300m/min are achieved with full simultaneous machining, taking productivity to another level.

What was also interesting during the visit was the fact that many of these high end machine tools are linked to an FMS system that commonly sees 6 to 8 machines running in a line and working in situ with the FMS. Among high end aerospace manufacturers, it is commonplace to have one operator running all 6 to 8 machines in the cell with a 95% uptime and full lights out capability. If your operating in the high end production market, regardless of sector - it's probably worth having a look at the Starrag line..

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