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MTD's exclusive invite to the Nicolas Correa Open House
MTD's exclusive invite to the Nicolas Correa Open House
MTD's exclusive invite to the Nicolas Correa Open House
MTD's exclusive invite to the Nicolas Correa Open House

MTD's exclusive invite to the Nicolas Correa Open House

Added to MTDCNC by DTS (UK) Ltd on 31 July 2014

MTDCNC recently had an exclusive invite from DTS to the Nicolas Correa Open House in Burgos, Northern Spain to review what technology was on offer - and we were thoroughly impressed!! As Chairman and CEO of Correa, Mr Nicolas Correa told us: 'The purpose of the event is to demonstrate a range of new machines and technology but also to highlight the size and capacity available with the machine tool range.'

With over 200 guests attending the two day event, visitors were given technical presentations on the capabilities and benefits of the machine range as well as on-machine demos that saw many machines with live camera feeds to enable customers to closely inspect the machines in operation.

One machine that drew considerable interest was the new Versa bridge type milling machine with a 40m by 4m machine bed that incorporates a grinding head for finishing applications. This enables the heavy duty machining centre to conduct high material removal rates and also deliver impeccable accuracy and surface finishes through a grinding head that is capable of running up to 10,000rpm. In addition, the Versa line of machines also includes a W-axis on the spindle head that provides 4th axis machining capability.

Following a demonstration of the impressive Versa machine that is used to machine components for the Correa line of machines, visitors were also given a full factory tour to witness the quality and technical expertise that is incorporated into every aspect of every machine. Customers had the opportunity to see first-hand the care and attention that goes into the assembly of the bed, the linear scales,  guideways and all other aspects of the machine tool range. As many of the Correa machine tools are remarkably large, the machines are fully assembled in Spain, vigorously tested and validated and then dis-assembled for shipping to the customer. Upon delivery regardless of location, Correa engineers will then re-assemble and fully install the machine tools for the end user.

One highlight for the MTD team and something that will undoubtedly draw the attention of manufacturers in the heavy duty aerospace, oil & gas and power generation industry sectors was the huge Magna line of machining centres. With two machining heads that each cover a bed length of 20m and a width and height capacity of 2.5m and 7m respectively, the Magna provides seven machining heads and three different rotary tables.

As well as taking in the production line of the main factory, visitors were also shipped to a local satellite factory that is used for the assembly of the smaller line of Correa machine tools. To top off what proved to be an excellent event, the Correa team put on a memorable evening of entertainment for it guests that included traditional flamenco dancing and singers as well as a sample of the local culinary and cultural delights.

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