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MUBEA MEGAFLEX HS innovative aerospace machining

MUBEA MEGAFLEX HS innovative aerospace machining

Added to MTDCNC by Asquith Butler Ltd on 28 June 2016

Mubea Systems has recently built and installed a unique long bed travelling gantry type machining centre for a major European aerospace manufacturing company. The new high speed full 5-axis machining centre, the MegaFlex HS, has been developed specifically for machining aircraft structural frames. 

The MegaFlex is equipped with the latest Siemens technology to offer user friendly and unique functionality such as a manual jog wheel that can jog through all axes movements. Combining the Siemens 840D Solution Line control  with advanced software and 5-axis technology, the Mubea machine permits extremely complex 3D cutting that can be safely monitored via two digital video systems with two cameras on the machine gantry.

As its name infers, the  MegaFlex is equipped with linear X, X2, Y and Z-axis as well as rotary A & C-axis on the head, making it an extremely attractive proposition for manufacturers of large components that demand the utmost in flexibility for one-hit machining. The axes travel of this colossal machine ranges from 4m to 30m in the X-axis, 2m to 6m in the Y-axis and 1m to 2m in the Z-axis with A and C axis tilt and rotation of ±110° and ±360° respectively. 

From a performance standpoint, Mubea has ingeniously developed its own unique “Double” X Axis configuration.  This patented second X-axis (X-2) improves dynamics and overall capacity. The second X-axis gives the machine less weight to move, resulting in significantly improved precision. Furthermore, the RAM is built inside the gantry column between Y-axis guides and this enhances stability and rigidity. This combination improves dynamics and precision considerably. 

The Double X-axis systems allows rapid positioning along the whole of the X axis travel of the main gantry structure and this is followed by a clamping operation to secure this travelling gantry. Machining is then performed by moving a second X-axis within the fixed gantry. This allows high dynamic contouring speeds and high precision. 

From a power standpoint, the MegaFlex has a spindle motor choice from 25kW up to 100Kw & 25Nm up to 1000Nm with speeds up to 30,000rpm. This power is matched by the speed of the MegaFlex with speeds of up to 60m/min and an acceleration rate of 3m/s² for X2, Y and Z-axis. 

The new MegaFlex is offered with a host of standard and optional extra features that include a front and rear chip conveyor that is integrated in machine foundation, a choice of Automatic Tool Change capacities, 3D measuring systems, CCTV, high pressure coolant systems and much more. For further details contact Asquith Butler Ltd via www.asquithbutler.com or email:  sales@asquithbutler.com


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