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Multi-Turret Turning Centre Delivers 50 Percent Productivity Increase

Multi-Turret Turning Centre Delivers 50 Percent Productivity Increase

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 01 June 2012

Due to its unique twin turret, twin spindle, two Y-axes configuration a Biglia B465 Y2 multi-turret bar turning centre has the ability to machine highly complex turned parts with productivity improvements of up to 50%.

Now in its third generation but staying true to Biglia' original principle of bar to finished part in a single set up, the latest model is now further enhanced in the new QUATTRO Y2 range, incorporating the latest technologies.

At the heart of the B465 Y2' long standing success are the positions of the turrets and sub spindles which feature a twin longitudinal and transversal B and E axis.

In effect, this enables simultaneous machining on both turrets - the fixed and offset - and the unique ability if needed to machine on the first turret while using its partner as a tailstock.

This results in a significant reduction in non productive times, enables automatic and simultaneous machining on both sides of a workpiece and 4-axis turning using both turrets on the main spindle for simultaneous operation. The double movement
of the main and offset spindles eliminates the possibilities of interference between the two turret movements.

Among the standard features of the mill turn are a 30° slant cast iron bed, two 12 station tool turrets, sub spindles with axial traverse and equipped with parts ejector and a chip removal airblow feature. There is a bar feeder interface, rigid tapping facility, automatic parts catcher, a finished parts conveyor and a chip conveyor.

There are also a range of optional extra features including a tool probing system and a high pressure pump.

The machine is supplied as standard with a Fanuc 31 i-T CNC controller.

Comments Hardinge UK sales and marketing manager Martin Doyle 'When Hardinge was assessing the Biglia range and its suitability for markets in the UK and Far East it quickly became apparent that these machine tools offer exceptional build quality with very competitive pricing. Simply, they are up there with the best.

'Users will quickly become aware that the capability of these Biglia machines is superb and we can throw down a very competitive challenge on pricing for the benefit of Biglia purchasers.

'In many respects Biglia is Europe' 'sleeping giant&rsquo for constructing high end machining centres. With their extensive experience Hardinge applications engineers have been unfailingly impressed with the machines and their capabilities.

The majority of Biglia machine tools are built to order, such is the range of customised features and options available across the range.


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