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Nakamura-Tome mill-turning machines at Mach include the new AS 200
Nakamura-Tome mill-turning machines at Mach include the new AS 200
Nakamura-Tome mill-turning machines at Mach include the new AS 200
Nakamura-Tome mill-turning machines at Mach include the new AS 200

Nakamura-Tome mill-turning machines at Mach include the new AS 200

New Nakamura-Tome mill-turning machines on show for the first time at MACH include a B-axis, multitasking, twin-turret turning centre and an ultra-compact, high-specification, single-spindle, single-turret lathe.

The machines will be demonstrated cutting metal on Stand 5310 by Engineering Technologies Group company Turning Technologies, Nakamura-Tome’s sole UK and Ireland representative.

The Nakamura-Tome NTJ-100 is a fast, highly productive B-axis, twin-turret, twin-spindle milling and turning centre that features a number of innovative features. It is aimed at smaller components with multiple features, particularly where angular positioning is required.

The upper, B-axis, turret can swing through 182 degrees for the in-cycle milling and drilling of angled features, while the versatility of the NTJ-100 for one-hit machining is further enhanced by Y-axes on both turrets – which, despite the compact design of the machine, give an 80mm stroke on the upper turret and 65mm on the lower turret.

The angular positioning capability of the B-axis turret configuration typically gives much shorter cycle times on components than an ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) type machine due to its short chip-to-chip times. The small dodecahedral, servo-driven turrets give a chip-to-chip time of around 1.5s, compared to 8s for an ATC machine.

An innovative feature of the NTJ-100 is the ability to mount up to six turning tools on the face of the upper turret, which can be tilted in to machine the workpiece using the B-axis.

With 12 milling tool stations on each turret, or 24 turning tool stations on each turret, this gives a maximum capacity of 54 tools.

The Nakamura-Tome name is often associated with multi-spindle, multi-turret turning centres, but it also has a long history of manufacturing reliable, long-lasting and highly accurate single-spindle lathes. The latest of these is the AS200, a very fast and ultra-compact Y-axis machine with a lot of milling capability on a footprint of just 1650mm by 1600mm.

The AS200 has a 65mm bar capacity or 8' chuck capacity, a 15-driven-tool turret, 5.5kW driven tool power, 82mm Y-axis and a maximum turning length of 300mm.  

The machine is also designed to be cost-competitive, with a standard specification, giving economies of scale in production. Additional equipment such as part-catchers, toolsetter and tailstock, are designed to be easy to retrofit to the standard machine.

The compact design also allows three machines to be transported in a standard 20-foot container, which keeps transport costs down.

Turning Technologies Technical Director Richard Hughes says: 'In the past few years when money has been tight, people have been tempted to opt for cheaper machines, but are now starting to realise that in the long term this is a false economy. Now they can get the performance and long-term reliability that Nakamura machines are known for at a cost that is not much higher than a commodity machine that may only last a few years.'

The stand will also feature the WT150II – the latest version of the classic Nakamura-Tome twin-turret, twin-spindle, multi-tasking mill-turning centre. This is fitted with the latest NTIPS PC-based user interface, allowing the simple programming of complex, multi-feature, mill-turned components.

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Published on MTD CNC by ETG on 05 March 2014

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