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Large 5 axis VMC now available from DTS UK Ltd
Large 5 axis VMC now available from DTS UK Ltd
Large 5 axis VMC now available from DTS UK Ltd

Large 5 axis VMC now available from DTS UK Ltd

Added to MTDCNC by DTS (UK) Ltd on 26 November 2013

Having enjoyed their best year to date, DTS UK Ltd have announced that another high performance machine tool is now available to be bought and will be supported through their fast growing Sales and Service organisation.

The new LU 800 5 axis machining centre offers a large working envelope and a high performance specification. Built with a trunnion table, the LU 800 offers engineers a working capacity of 800mm in the X axis and a massive 900mm in the Y axis.

A Y axis of this size sets this machine apart from its competition. It provides far more flexibility and capacity than smaller 5 axis machines, enabling machinists to utilise the working envelope for far larger components if necessary as well as reducing collision possibilites on complex parts.

To support the capacity the LU 800 the machine boasts a high performance spindle, operating at a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm whilst delivering up to 37Kw in power. For hogging, contouring, surface speed machining and 3D operations, this 5 axis machine will exceed the demands of most applications.

Neatly housed within the machine's footprint a 32 station toolchanger provides the storage for BT40 or if ed HSK63 tooling, both of which are available on the machine.

Finally to support operators, the LU 800 comes with a choice of control system either a Heidenhain or Siemens control can be chosen at point of order, ensuring that you're able to maintain consistancy with existing plant.

The video attached to this news article is actually a LU 620 machining centre, however it shows the movement.


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