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FANUC sets EDM customers in a Spin with new Rotary Table
FANUC sets EDM customers in a Spin with new Rotary Table

FANUC sets EDM customers in a Spin with new Rotary Table

Added to MTDCNC by FANUC UK Ltd on 13 January 2015

FANUC Robotics has now introduced a new rotary table to compliment its market leading range of RoboCut CiA EDM machines. The new compact, lightweight and high precision rotary table has been developed by Fanuc to accept large workloads within a small footprint.

The innovative rotary table incorporates a fully-closed feedback loop system using FANUC servo motor and rotary encoder, making it the ideal addition to FANUC EDM machines. As the CCR table is designed and manufactured by FANUC, solely for the RoboCut EDM machines, it costs up to 50% less than a table from a third-party supplier and it has considerably more functionality built in.

The CCR table is equipped with a sensor that triggers a servo motor and an encoder alarm that sounds if a seal ruptures and water gets into the compartment where both are located. As a safety measure, this shuts down the machine and drains the water tank. This built-in technology minimises the potential for expensive water-related repairs to the motor and encoder.

The robust 16kg CCR has a compact area of 155 by 170 by 130mm (LXWXH) that enables the operator to retain the spacious work envelope of the machine. The precision of the CCR is demonstrated by an indexing accuracy of 12 seconds and a repetition accuracy of +/-2 seconds. Despite its lightweight and highly accurate frame, the CCR permits a maximum workpeice weight of 40kg.

For some time, EDM customers have been adding rotary tables to their machines to accommodate the range of motion required to conduct work in high-tech markets such as the aerospace and medical sectors. This new CCR rotary table will now provide customers with this range of movement whilst adding speed, precision rigidity to the EDM process.

Rotary tables also have an economic impact on the manufacture of cutting tools, especially when paired with the relatively high production speeds of some Fanuc EDM machines. An example of this is the production of rotary PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tipped tool bodies where the CCR will deliver astounding benefits.

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