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New Dugard 1600 ECO VMC for larger parts
New Dugard 1600 ECO VMC for larger parts
New Dugard 1600 ECO VMC for larger parts

New Dugard 1600 ECO VMC for larger parts

Added to MTDCNC by Dugard on 26 February 2015

Dugard has now extended its vertical machining centre line to now introduce the new 1600E. The new machine has an X-axis of 1600mm and over 800mm in the Y-axis, making it the ideal partner for producing medium to large components.

For improved productivity, the new 1600E has an impressive 11,000rpm spindle speed as standard. The new addition from Dugard takes this bracket of machine tool to the next level by offering a bed size that is large enough to produce large parts and also support the delicate machining of multiple set-ups of smaller components to minimise operator intervention.

Regarded as an extremely productive machining centre, the new 1600E has three swarf augers for rapid and efficient chip removal from the work area and the base of the machine tool. To support heavy and productive machining, the 1600E  is a rigid machine tool with a single piece casting that dampens vibration and ensures stability under heavy cutting conditions. To extend the work area when processing large parts and also improve visibility for the operator, the tool change carousel is located at the side of the machine with a quick change arm loading system to minimise chip-to-chip times

The Dugard machine is available with an almost endless list of optional extras with just a few including through spindle coolant and a 4th axis unit for machining more complex component geometries. The control unit on this new machine is a Fanuc with the option of Siemens or Mitsubishi M70 control unit to guarantee complete integration into your machine shop, regardless of what control is primarily used.

For improved access to the large components that may be machined on the 1600E, the VMC has doors on the left and right as well as the main doors at the front of the machine. This is ideal for customers that may want to process parts that are beyond the conventional limits of the machine envelope.

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