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New EDM consumable choice system

New EDM consumable choice system

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 03 September 2012

GF AgieCharmilles initiative makes it easier for manufacturers to make the optimum EDM wire selection.

GF AgieCharmilles the market-leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced EDM, Milling and Laser Ablation machine tools, sophisticated Automation and Tooling solutions and high-quality EDM consumables has developed a new system to help manufacturers select the most appropriate and effective EDM wire for their machining requirements.

The new system developed categorises all GF AgieCharmilles wire (Brass, Coated Brass, Coated Copper, Micro and Fine etc.), according to a number of key criteria:

  • Productivity,
  • Surface Finish,
  • Cutting Speed,
  • Cost,
  • Complexity of part features being machined.

The system, using a specially designed graphic ‘radar’ icon, enables manufacturers to see at a glance, the best wire for the best results.

Says Martin Spencer, Agie Charmilles’ managing director:

‘We provide manufacturers with a wide range of high-quality, high-performance certified wires in a perfectly adapted to their machining requirements. But to exploit any and every wire EDM machine’s versatility and wide application potential, it’s critical that the optimum wire is used.

So, for example, manufacturers looking for a high-speed wire should consider GF AgieCharmilles’ range of AC CUT X (Coated Copper Wires with diffused Zinc coating) wire. The CUT XS range is up to 30% quicker than brass wire.

If and where quality is more important than cutting speeds then GF AgieCharmilles’ range of AC CUT A/G range of (high-performance Zinc-coated brass) wire is the best bet and can help manufacturers achieve surface finishes of  > Ra 0.1um.

For manufacturers looking for a universal wire solution that delivers good speeds, high accuracy and surface finish at a competitive price then GF AgieCharmilles’ range of brass wires is difficult to beat, and when micro-machining of intricate part features is required – the range of Micro and Fine wires available in diameter sizes down to 0.05 mm should be used.

Concludes Martin Spencer:

‘Only by selecting the correct wire option can manufacturers hope to achieve the best and desired results in terms of cutting speeds, accuracy and surface finish etc. Our new wire identification system helps manufacturers do this and demonstrates that one type and one size of wire does not fit all.’

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