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TDT Introduce New Fidia Milling Line
TDT Introduce New Fidia Milling Line

TDT Introduce New Fidia Milling Line

Added to MTDCNC by TDT Machine Tools Ltd on 09 March 2016

TDT Technologies is now delighted to announce its impressive line of HS664 3, 4 and 5-axis milling centres. With a travelling head and a fixed bed structure, the exciting new range of machining centres bring unsurpassed stability, rigidity and performance to the manufacturing sector.

With an X, Y and Z travel of 600, 560 and 400mm, respectively, the new HS664 machines are equipped with a 1000 by 550mm fixed table for rigidity whilst the 5-axis HS664 RT variant has an integrated roto-tilting worktable configuration. As standard, the HS664 line features very high acceleration and axis feed rates, high spindle rotation speed, a sophisticated Fidia C1 numerical control algorithms and an extremely stable and rigid cast iron bed.

The characteristic moving portal structure of the HS664 guarantees the maximum of rigidity and performance under any working conditions. The design pays particular attention to the containment and disposal of swarf, making these machines suitable for mass production with heavy stock removal.

The styling of the guards allows for optimum viewing of work envelope whilst providing easy access for the loading of large parts with a bridge crane. The HS664 Series of milling centres can be equipped with different spindles designed

to satisfy the most advanced market requirements. For example, a powerful 24,000rpm spindle with a HSK63 tool holder for heavy material removal rates is available whilst an extremely fast 36,000rpm spindle with a robust HSK 50 tool holder is offered for high speed applications.

The HS664 machine tools can mill complex three-dimensional surfaces using

part-programs that are either generated by external CAM systems or by milling digitised data via the Fidia C1 numerical control. From an option perspective, the Fidia HS664 Series has a tool change option of 20, 32 or 42 positions, swarf conveyors, tool pre-setting, vacuum system for graphite machining, indexable tilting table, continuous tilting table and even an automatic magazine for up to 16 components. For further details on how this impressive machining centre can benefit your business, please contact TDT Technology for more details.

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