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New HS-630 HMC from Victor has a Rotary Pallet System

New HS-630 HMC from Victor has a Rotary Pallet System

Added to MTDCNC by Victor CNC Ltd on 28 February 2013


Victor CNC have recently introduce several new models of machine tools into their range, one of which is the all NEW Vcenter-H630HS horizontal machining centre. Launched early in 2013 this model complements the existing HMC (horizontal machining centre range).
Within the range of HMC’s Victor offer a popular H400, H500, an existing H630 and H1000, the new model will compliment Victors existing offering’s, as the new machine offers superior performance in terms of speed to that of the current H630, that’s where the designation HS comes in. The Current H630 HMC will still continue and may even continue to outsell some of Victors other HMC products, the new 630HS will serve engineers looking for larger capacity but faster speeds. The new model has faster rapid traverse movements, a faster 10,000rpm spindle and a rotary pallet changing system which differs from that on the H630 machine.

A rotary pallet system means that the pallet on the machine can be changed automatically within cycle must faster, historically the H630 had a shuttle system which is effective but slower and if an engineer is looking to save time between parts, then the rotary is a more favourable solution.

The new Victor Vcenter-H630HS is built on a solid cast base, offering the utmost in stability and rigidity, the machine is also equipped with a Big Plus BBT50 taper spindle, ensuring whatever the task, vibration is minimal and accuracy is maximised.

Some of the stand out features of this new model include:
- High traverse feeds 48 metres per minute
- Hollow ball-screws, increasing overall machine speed
- High power built-in 30kw spindle, ensuring deeper cuts and faster metal removal
- 10000rpm spindle with BT-50 tooling
- Rotary APC for high speed pallet changeover
- The HS machine has a slightly bigger working envelope than the H630:

H630 – 900mm X axis – 800mm Y axis -  710mm Z axis
H630 HS – 1000mm X axis - 850 mm Y axis - 900 mm Z axis

The H630 HS is now available for sale from Victor CNC, ideally lending itself to engineers who are looking to machine larger components, in volumes. Industries such as Aerospace and Automotive will benefit from the addition of this horizontal machining centre into the Victor CNC range.
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