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New interactive magazine from GF AgieCharmilles

New interactive magazine from GF AgieCharmilles

Aerospace and aeronautics are the focus of GF AgieCharmilles’ first new interactive magazine THRUST, which is now available at Apple’s App Store.

THRUST is the first in a series of GF AgieCharmilles interactive magazines that reflects and promotes the Group’s expertise across a wide range of industry segments: aerospace and aeronautics, automotive, information and communications technology (ICT), medical technologies, and electronics.

“The premiere of THRUST builds on our reputation for innovation and technology leadership and on providing relevant and accessible customer-focused information,” says Rolph Lucassen, Head of GF AgieCharmilles Communications.

He adds that THRUST will be available free of charge on the App Store, first in English with German- and Chinese-language editions to follow.

The availability of THRUST was timed to coincide with the opening of the 2012 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), Sept. 10-15 in Chicago, Ill., US.

Continues Rolph Lucassen:

“We chose the name THRUST for our aerospace and aeronautics magazine because it accurately reflects GF AgieCharmilles’ business approach and captures what we are all about – i.e. that through our expertise, technologies, products and services, we are a force that helps propel our customers toward their goals.”

In addition to interviews with aerospace and aeronautics opinion leaders, THRUST also features in-depth articles concerning knowledge transfers from and in the aerospace industry, market trends, and analysis of leading edge research into those technologies that help trigger success in aerospace manufacturing.

But the excitement surrounding THRUST isn’t just about its content, important as that it, it is also about the magazine’s format.

Says Rolph Lucassen

“What sets this digital magazine apart from print is the rich user experience it provides: video, 360-degree interactive images, slide shows, touch/multi-touch gesture support, zooming mode, and a whole range of other exciting features that bring the editorial content to life.”

Communication frontrunner

THRUST and GF AgieCharmilles’ other interactive magazines that will follow add to the Group’s digital presence that already includes the GF AgieCharmilles Portfolio and corporate profile.
Concludes Rolph Lucassen:“

As an early adopter of digital communication technology in our key markets, we are committed to meeting the information needs of customers in engaging, innovative and forward-thinking ways.
“By providing a unique and interactive user experience, we offer THRUST readers a richer connection to emerging news about trends and technologies in aerospace and aeronautics.

“Moreover, as an interactive magazine, THRUST consumes no paper, consumes little space, and provides a user experience that readers themselves can shape.”

Published on MTD CNC by on 28 September 2012

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