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Need a new large turning centre? check out this CTX 650 Ecoline
Need a new large turning centre? check out this CTX 650 Ecoline
Need a new large turning centre? check out this CTX 650 Ecoline

Need a new large turning centre? check out this CTX 650 Ecoline

Added to MTDCNC by DMG MORI on 17 March 2015

When MTD visited the DMG Mori Eco-Line Event, one new machine that really drew the attention of the MTD team was the new CTX 650 turning centre. As the largest machine in the new Eco line of machines with the largest frame size of the new product line-up, the CTX 650 can accommodate chucks from 315 to 500mm diameter.

Informing MTD of the benefits of the new CTX 650, DMG Mori's Business Development Manager, Mr Stewart Cousins says: 'The new machine is very powerful and this enables it to lend itself to the machining of exotic materials as used in the oil & gas and pump manufacturing sectors. To emphasise the power of the machine, it has 2000NM of torque with an option for a spindle bore of 110mm.'

The control unit is a Siemens 840D control unit with a Heidenhain option. Both options are high end control units that are also standard on the higher end DMG machine tool products.

The new machine offers the best rigidity levels in its class with thermal stability that allows a positioning accuracy of 0.02mm  and with a direct measuring system, even 0.008mm can be achieved.  Thanks to its water cooled motor, the CTX 650 Ecoline, has a compact footprint of 9.8m² to provide a generously dimensioned working area.

The CTX 650 Ecoline, achieves 600mm in diameter and 1150mm in the Z-axis traverse path. The bar capacity of 102mm is standard with the option of 110mm. It is equipped with an automatic tailstock, which supports the accurate machining of long shaft parts. For shaft machining, the CTX 650 Ecoline can also be equipped with steady rest that allows shaft diameters up to 350mm.

With a turret for 12 tools already as standard, the CTX 650 provides for large tools with its VDI 50 holder. Thanks to the 6 peripheral block tool station, the turret disc concept allows usage of boring bars without the need to modify them. In addition, the concept also provides higher rigidity for tool clamping.

The tool changeover time is 0.4 seconds which increases the high level of productivity as well as the fast traverse speeds of 30 m/min in all axes. For applications in complete machining, DMG Mori supplies the CTX 650 Ecoline with 12 powered tools as an option. A fully functional C-axis is also available, so that nothing stands in the way of highly efficient turn & mill complete machining.

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