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MTD takes a look at the latest Nakamura Turning Centre
MTD takes a look at the latest Nakamura Turning Centre
MTD takes a look at the latest Nakamura Turning Centre

MTD takes a look at the latest Nakamura Turning Centre

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 26 August 2015

At the summer opening of the 'Permanent Trade Show' at the Engineering Technology Group's (ETG) headquarters in Southam, the company was keen to show off its latest Nakamura-Tome mill/turn innovation - the NTRX-300. However, being as inquisitive as we are, we took the camera crew along more recently for a chat with ETG's Gordon Coates, the Senior Technical Pre-Sales Engineer. Here's what Gordon told us about the new Nakamura heavy duty multi-tasking turning centre with full 5-axis milling capability…

Gordon told us that the machine that was initially launched at the JIMTOF show at the end of 2014 has been built on a turning centre platform with a full 5-axis milling head to provide complete one-hit machining.  The X and Y axis travel on the machine ensures a machining range that is 250mm wide whilst the X-axis can travel125mm below the spindle centre to extend the machining range to 250mm square. Inside the machining envelope, the NTRX-300 includes a B-axis with a 225º rotation, a maximum workpiece turning length of 1150mmm and a distance between spindle centres of 1350mm.

This robust new machine has been designed with a reduced distance from the tool to the B-axis centre of rotation. This ensures B-axis resists cutting torques and retains stable machining performance that can enhance surface finishes and tool life by minimising vibration.  

Commenting upon the arrival of this new machine in the UK, Gordon continued: 'We are extremely excited about the potential of this machine. It is a high-tech machine that has been developed to fill a gap in the marketplace and provide industry with an innovative new concept. The launch of this machine will fill a gap in the market and will be ideal for manufacturers of anything from simple to extremely complex parts.'

From a machine build perspective, the NTRX-300 features a robust 18.5kW tool spindle offering 8,000rpm  with 12,000rpm as an option. The machine can also be supplied with either a tailstock or twin spindle configuration. In twin spindle configuration, the left and right hand spindles offer 4,500rpm with 15kW motors with high powered motors also available for large bar capacity versions at 22kW.

As expected from Nakamura, the build quality is uncompromising with the machine mounted on a uniquely designed bed that maximises thermal stability, creates uniform loads during slide movement and features a highly rigid spindle.

The machine features Nakamura’s new Smart X control interfacing with the main control based on a Fanuc 31i-B5 5 axis system. It has a Qwerty keyboard, manuals available on-screen and a typical Windows desktop with an App screen for simplifying the machine for the end user. It also features a unique in-built load/unload device, a 40 tool Capto C6 ATC as standard (60, 80 and 129 capacities optional) and a standard bar capacity of 65mm with options of 71mm, 80mm and 90mm diameter.  Eight or ten inch chucks can be mounted to either spindle.

The NTRX-300 can now be viewed at the Engineering Technology Group's Southam headquarters where visitors can browse machines in the new 'Permanent Trade Show' and also find out more about the extensive engineering and technical support that is provided throughout the lifetime of the machine.  

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