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New Oxy-Fuel Machine Cuts Route to Productvity

New Oxy-Fuel Machine Cuts Route to Productvity

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 21 May 2012

Kerf Developments is delighted to announce the launch of its new RUM Series of heavy duty profiling machines. The new Oxy-fuel cutting RUM Series is a range of heavy duty machines that offer a host of new innovations to improve productivity, accuracy and repeatability whilst reducing set-up times.

The new RUM profiling machine delivers a robust design that is complemented by innovative technology such as the Burny 10 LCD plus cnc controller. This guarantees accuracy and repeatability on bed dimensions that can be tailored to the customers' requirements, with typical bed sizes ranging from 2.5m wide by 5m up to 5m by 100m and beyond.

The Burny CNC control that is unique to Kerf Developments, fully automates the process to provide remarkable ease of use for the customer. Additionally, the Burny control system includes nesting software that assigns tailored lead-ins, lead-outs and cutting technology for each individual component to improve part quality.

The exciting new control system on the RUM further enhances the operator experience by providing a material database, so the operator can enter the material type and thickness and the Burny 10 CNC automatically calculates the cutting parameters. This reduces programming times by over 80%. Additionally, this unique system improves repeatability and eliminates any potential for operator error.

Taking productivity to a whole new level, the new RUM machine can be configured with up to 6 cutting heads to simultaneously cut 6 parts at any one time. This option is ideal for manufacturers that are cutting components in batches or production runs as it saves material whilst increasing productivity beyond the realms of competitor machines.

All this is built upon a machine base of bridge construction that is extremely rigid and robust to offer remarkable accuracy, repeatability and durability.

The bridge construction is a rigid fabrication that is driven by twin side rack and pinion drives, heavy duty servo motors and planetary gearboxes that are digitally synchronised and controlled by the Burny CNC system.

This exceptional build quality gives customers confidence in the longevity of a heavy duty machine that is constructed to process small or extremely large parts from 3mm to 300mm in thickness as standard. For further details on how Kerf Developments can improve your productivity and reduce your production costs with bespoke or standard machine supply, training, servicing, consumables and complete support packages, please contact Kerf on Tel: 01706 757 670

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