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New production building for TRUMPF marking lasers in Grüsch
New production building for TRUMPF marking lasers in Grüsch
New production building for TRUMPF marking lasers in Grüsch

New production building for TRUMPF marking lasers in Grüsch

Added to MTDCNC by TRUMPF on 17 June 2013

TRUMPF Laser Marking Systems AG is expanding by about 3,300 square meters the floor space for its product development and manufacturing activities at Grüsch, Switzerland. The investment volume for the new building comes to 17 million Swiss francs (13.7 million euros or 17.8 million USD). Opening ceremonies took place on June 4, 2013, following only slightly more than a year of construction work. Some 150 guests were in attendance.

With this new structure TRUMPF is responding to the tremendous demand, all around the world, for its marking lasers. 'Our previous capacities were simply no longer able to handle the numbers of incoming orders. At groundbreaking in March 2012, order receipts had risen by 70 percent in comparison with the year before. We will be introducing two entirely new TruMark product lines during the upcoming business year. That will certainly support our plans for continuing growth,' explains Andreas Conzelmann, general manager at TRUMPF Laser Marking Systems AG. 'I am especially proud of the fact that we are celebrating not only the expansion of the facilities here, but also the ten thousandth marking laser to be built in Grüsch,' Conzelmann noted.

The new structure doubles the production floor space formerly available. The building is outfitted with the most modern technology and an isolated clean room meeting high cleanliness standards – significant in terms of product quality. The manufacturing and logistics processes in this new building are fully aligned with the TRUMPF Synchro production system. All the work is now carried out on a single level, making for easier control of the procedures. All in all, this new structure has brought about a significant improvement in manufacturing and logistics processes. TRUMPF Laser Marking Systems AG was founded in 2001 and, since its formation, has generated revenues of more than 600 million Swiss francs (484 million euros, 629 million USD). Pursuing tasks here in the development, production, service and administration departments are 110 employees.

With this new structure, TRUMPF is making a clear commitment to the Grüsch campus in Prättigau Valley, in the Canton of Graubünden. 'Second only to Schramberg, Grüsch is a major center for the development and production of solid-state lasers. The ten thousand marking lasers already in place give us good reason to look optimistically into the future,' reported Peter Leibinger, Vice Chairman of the TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG and President of the Laser Technology and Electronics Division. 'The Prättigau area is home to many highly educated and committed employees with excellent skills. That is why we are continuing to expand the site,' according to Leibinger.

More than thirty employees will be manufacturing marking lasers in the new building. Responsible for planning the building and supervising the construction were Barkow Leibinger architectural offices in Berlin. Along with the TRUMPF buildings already in place at Grüsch, the pavilion blends in harmoniously with the Alpine panorama. When planning and erecting the building, great attention was attached to sustainability. That is why renewable materials such as wood were selected. Over and above that, only resources available in abundant quantities – including gravel, limestone and glass – were used in construction. The building is also distinguished by the ergonomically correct design of its workplaces.

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