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New Range Of Versatile Saws For The Workshop

New Range Of Versatile Saws For The Workshop

Added to MTDCNC by Kasto on 08 November 2016

A new range of swing-frame, pivoting-bow bandsaws for use in workshops has been launched by the German manufacturer, KASTO, and is available in the UK and Ireland through the company’s Milton Keynes subsidiary. As a large percentage of the parts used in the manufacture of the various models are identical, the saws are offered at attractive prices.

Called KASTOmicut, the versatile machines are designed for high accuracy cutting to length and mitre cutting of tubes, sections and solid materials. Four model variants are available: manual (P 2.6), manual clamping with hydraulic downfeed (E 2.6), hydraulically actuated clamping and downfeed (U 2.6), and fully automatic (A 2.6) with ballscrew-driven material feed, carbide blade guides and an optional chip conveyor.

The saws supersede six machine models in the KASTOpractical and KASTOfunctional series, compared with which they have higher power motors and greater band tension, allowing a 50 per cent increase in cutting force. Feed rate is constant throughout, avoiding lost productivity due to the blade slowing towards the centre of the cut. Blade speed is infinitely variable from 20 to 120 m/min, allowing a range of different materials to be processed cost-effectively.

KASTOmicut saws have a cutting range of 260 mm for rounds and 310 x 260 mm for flat stock. Mitre cuts are possible at continuously adjustable angles from -45 to +60 degrees. A torsionally rigid, vibration-damped, cast iron frame provides support for the saw blade, ensuring top cutting quality, even in difficult-to-cut materials. Many different accessories are available including a rotary table to support the material.

Shortest cut length is 6 mm, with a residual length of 15 mm for manually cut pieces or 40 mm in automatic operation, so users can make maximum use of their material. Cutting accuracy is 0.1 mm per 100 mm of height.


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