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Vollmer develops new side grinding machine
Vollmer develops new side grinding machine
Vollmer develops new side grinding machine

Vollmer develops new side grinding machine

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 04 June 2015

With innovations rolling off the production line at Vollmer, the latest new addition to its extensive product line-up is the new CHF840 and CHF1300 machines for grinding the tooth sides of carbide-tipped circular saw blades.

This new generation of TCT saw blade sharpening technology uses five CNC-controlled axes to machine the tooth sides of carbide-tipped circular saw blades with precision, productivity levels and capabilities beyond anything available from alternate vendors. All commonly used angles are ground in only one cycle, even on saws with group toothing. This makes processing of complex blade geometries a simplistic process for the end user.

The new CHF840 has been introduced to deliver a solution for the processing of circular saws from 80 to 840mm diameter whilst the larger CHF1300 is capable of finishing saws from 80 to 1300mm diameter. Offering versatility that leaves nothing to be desired, the new CHF machines provide oscillation grinding as standard to remove maximum material rates in a single cycle. The 5-axis kinematics deliver maximum flexibility and optimal movement co-ordination for short grinding times and to reduce non-production times with an adjustable cam for the ideal tooth positioning.

All this, makes the new CHF series suitable for side grinding saw blades for the saw mill industry, woodworking, plastic and aluminium processing and also the metal cutting industries. The machines from the CHF series adjust the angles without assistance, even the hook angles and tooth pitch are automatically detected. To further simplify processing for the end user, the CHF makes it possible to machine convex tooth flanks and it has an optional tooth pitch up to 180mm, which is credit to a second feed pawl for greater flexibility. Additionally, saw changes are possible without adjusting the mounting carriage, so there is no need to set a blade up a second time.

From an operational perspective, the new CHF840 and CHF1300 incorporate a multi-functional hand-wheel that makes operation faster and more simplistic. The axes can be selected and controlled by only one module to avoid the possibility of incorrect operation. This hand-wheel can also be used as a potentiometer in order to carry out speed adjustments in automatic mode. With operator convenience built into every aspect of the new CHF line, there is no need for manual adjustment of radial and tangential clearance angles. This means that operator errors are eliminated and values can be entered as angles or absolute values.

With an intuitive Windows based CNC control, the multi-function hand-wheel and the storage of up to 4000 programs that are accessed via a 10-inch LCD colour display, Vollmer has truly covered every angle from the perspective of user friendliness.

"For our new sharpening machines, we provide numerous services such as consultation and training, as well as financing options. We also support our customers throughout the entire service life of the machines, with services for maintenance and corrective repair, for which we operate twelve of our own Sales and Services branches worldwide," says Jürgen Hauger, Head of the Sales Division at the Vollmer Group. 

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