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New SW High Volume Machining Centre

New SW High Volume Machining Centre

Added to MTDCNC by SW Machine Tools on 29 January 2017

If you're conducting medium and high volume production of complex, high quality components and you need the parts completed in just two set-ups, the new BA 422 Block and BA 442 are the ideal machine tools for your needs. Newly available from SW Machines, the monobloc designed machines are extremely stiff, providing a robust platform that carries the 3-axis unit that is equipped with two or four spindles.

The BA 422 is optionally available with two independent Z-axes or a robust; block-type spindle head that makes the machine faster and more dynamic to generate more power than ever before.

The BA422 gives customers all they will ever need from a modern machining centre. The highly precise machining centre offers absolute measuring systems in all axes, a double swivel carrier with two fixture carriers hydraulically clamped on both ends, in-cycle loading and horizontal clamping fixtures that are located in an optimally designed ergonomic position. In addition, the new machining centres have direct workpiece loading via a gantry, overhead machining and optimised chip evacuation for very productive machining.

The new BA422 has a work envelope of 400 by 500 by 425mm in the X, Y and Z-axes. Offered with a Bosch, FANUC or Siemens CNC control unit, the BA422 Series is extremely user friendly. The spindle is available with either a 10,000 or 17,000rpm option that can be driven by a 27, 35 or 45kW power unit. The machine has the option of directly mounted clamping fixtures or either 2 or 4-satellite planetary tables. Each satellite is equipped with torque drive and separate direct measuring systems that can be retrofitted at any time for optimised productivity and flexibility. 


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