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new generation of turning centre from Tornos, the Swiss GT 26

new generation of turning centre from Tornos, the Swiss GT 26

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 30 September 2014

Following six high-profile years on the market, the Tornos Gamma is now giving way to the new generation of turning centre - the Swiss GT 26. This new offering will take Tornos to a new level in terms of performance and functionality.

The Swiss GT26 uses the same kinematics that made the Gamma 20 machine so successful. It allows operators to quickly get to grips with the machine. The cast iron base has been optimised to offer greater rigidity and it now includes reinforced guide components. The GT line is made up of two models equipped with 5 or 6 linear axes. The 5-axis model is equipped with proven classic kinematics. Its platten comprises X1 and Y1 axes for bar turning. The counter spindle support carriage is mounted on 2 linear axes X4/Z4. This enables it to take the workpiece to the tool and to move laterally opposite the block, independently of the counter-operation tools that may be fixed or rotating. This kinematic design enables simultaneous machining for bar turning work and counter-operations that can significantly improve productivity.

The 6-axis version has the same kinematics, but the difference is that the counter-operation block has a vertical linear axis. This provides the advantage of being able to double the number of tools available. In total, 8 tools are arranged in 2 rows of 4 tools. A maximum of 4 of these tools can be rotating. These 4 additional tools increase the options for performing complex machining on the rear of the workpiece. This axis also enables digital centring of the tools on the counter-operation block and a work movement for cross drilling.

Multiple tools for outstanding flexibility

The GT26 can be equipped with up to 46 tools, with up to 20 positions being driven tools. The platten is equipped with a powerful motor that can accommodate various types of tool holder, including special devices such as a polygon tool, a thread whirling tool or inclined milling and drilling tools. The equipment is compatible with that of the Swiss ST26 to ensure optimal flexibility of the machine inventory for customers using both machines. The W&F tool holders and the quick change system are also available on this machine. This enables the Swiss GT26 to respond to all kinds of market demands. 'This machine allows our customers to respond competitively to almost any kind of demand. A customer who buys a Swiss GT26 gets a formidable tool with virtually no limits in terms of the workpieces it can produce', explains Philippe Charles, Product Manager at Tornos.

High-performance spindles

The two ultra-powerful spindles also have constant torque rating that enables them to provide high torque at high speed. Although the Gamma 20 had a 20mm capacity, the GT26 can machine 25.4mm diameter bars.

With or without guide bush

The Swiss GT26 can be equipped with a rotating guide bush thanks to an integrated synchronized motorised guide bush. In order to boost the machine's flexibility and better meet the workpiece requirements, the Swiss GT26 can also operate without a guide bush for short workpieces. This option reduces not only scrap lengths and bar remnants but also the quality of the required material, resulting in savings on material costs.

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