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New VCE Pro II from Agie Charmilles

New VCE Pro II from Agie Charmilles

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 14 February 2013

GF AgieCharmilles, the EDM, milling and laser ablation machine tool specialist has launched a new range of fast, flexible and cost-competitive 3-axis vertical machining centres into the market.

The new VCE Pro II range replaces GF AgieCharmilles’ existing VCE Pro and VCE Pro-X ranges, first introduced back in 2003, and exhibits a number of technology improvements all designed to help manufacturers of complex, high-precision parts achieve greater productivity and improved performance.

These improvements which include faster rapid rates, increased acceleration, faster tool change times (chip-to-chip), enhanced thermal stability and control and better all-round ergonomic design will, according to Martin Spencer, Agie Charmilles’ managing director; “provide UK and Irish manufacturers with class-leading 3-axis machine tools that, from a price: performance perspective, have no equal.”

There are 7 different VCE Pro II machines – ranging from the smallest machine - the VCE 600 Pro II (600mm x 500mm x 540mm in X-, Y- and Z-), through to the largest machine – the VCE 1600 Pro II (1600mm x 900mm x 800mm in X-, Y- and Z-).

All machines are designed and built to exacting specifications and standards, and feature a generous-sized cast iron construction that even under full load and in/through continuous operation ensure a stable and reliable machining process delivering high part accuracies and repeatability’s.

Precision and reliability are also guaranteed by well-supported, rigidly-constructed and thermally-controlled spindle heads that enable high-power and heavy-duty mill/drill operations to be performed on the Z-axis.

Getting down to business fast

A major benefit of the new VCE Pro II machines is their fast rapid rates, acceleration characteristics and fast tool changers – all of which help reduce machine cycle times.

Rapid rates on the smallest VCE 600 Pro and VCE 800 Pro II machines are 48m/min (X- and Y-), and 40m/min (Z-axis) which represents 100% increase over the earlier VCE Pro models, and on the larger VCE Pro II machines rapid rates have increased by up to 66%.

It’s a similar situation with new machines’ acceleration rates which now deliver up 6m/s2 axis acceleration depending on the specific model.

Spindle options

The new VCE Pro II machines can be supplied with different spindle options (depending on the machine in question).

The large, heavy-duty VCE 1600 Pro II is equipped with a 6,000/50 taper spindle but the other machines in the range can be supplied with either a 10,000rpm/40 taper or a 14,000rpm/40 taper spindle to meet individual customer’s machining requirements.

A 16,000rpm/40 taper spindle (for high-speed cutting applications) is available on the VCE 800 Pro II and VCE 1000 Pro II machines.

Concludes Martin Spencer:

“The existing VCE Pro range has proved popular with manufacturers and over the last 10 years over 2000 have been installed worldwide.

“We expect a similar positive reception for the VCE Pro II range of machines, and I am confident that in the UK and Ireland the new machines will capture the imagination of our customers.”

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