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MACH Premiere for new Vollmer QXD 250 PCD erosion machine
MACH Premiere for new Vollmer QXD 250 PCD erosion machine
MACH Premiere for new Vollmer QXD 250 PCD erosion machine
MACH Premiere for new Vollmer QXD 250 PCD erosion machine

MACH Premiere for new Vollmer QXD 250 PCD erosion machine

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 16 January 2014

On Stand 5251 in Hall 5 at MACH 2014, Vollmer, the global specialist for grinding and eroding machines will be giving its UK exhibition debut to the new QXD 250 eroding machine.  Launched at the recent EMO exhibition, the QXD250 takes innovation to a new level, just like the award winning QXD200. Alongside the QXD250 for the processing of PCD tipped cutting tools, Vollmer will be promoting its CP200 machine for the automated processing of circular saw blades.

The new QXD250 can produce PCD tipped (polycrystalline diamond) tools up to 30% faster than has been possible up to now with credit to its new Vpulse EDM generator technology. With targeted eroding impulses, the Vpulse EDM can increase the surface finish by a factor of two or more. This gives the QXD250 more flexibility in terms of tool production, which enables Vollmer to offer tailored-made solutions to the different demands of the marketplace. The surface finish quality and processing speed of the QXD250 is far beyond that of competitor machine tools.

The Vollmer QXD250 eroding machine makes it possible for cutting tool manufacturers to process more than 30% more PCD cutters in the same amount of time. Productivity made possible by the new generator technology, the Vpulse EDM sets the eroding beat at the heart of the QXD250. Depending on the demands, the Vpulse EDM can either increase the speed of the tool production or increase the surface fineness. The Vpulse EDM achieves these advances when processing PCD surfaces by using individually cycled eroding impulses. This corresponds to two-fold improvement and more in comparison to the eroding technology that is currently available from alternate vendors.

The QXD250 gives greater flexibility and opens up a wide range of new possibilities for PCD tool manufacturers when processing PCD cutting tools, allowing manufacturers to react in a targeted way to the demands of their customers and markets. Apart from the newly developed eroding generator Vpulse EDM, the Vollmer universal machine also offers a simultaneous track interpolation in six CNC controlled axes. As a result of the increased tool track distance and swivel range, PCD tools with diameters of 320mm and lengths of 250mm can be precisely processed. In one single clamping fixture, the QXD250 measures, grinds, erodes and polishes diamond tools in just one combined process. The Vollmer automation technology allows 24-hour production without the need for an operator to be present, during which the loading and emptying of the workpiece reservoir can take place simultaneously by automatic operation. The integrated tool changer for up to six eroding, grinding or polishing discs makes the processing of different work piece variants possible.

For the machining of circular saw blades, Vollmer will be pleased to re-introduce its market leading CP200. This exciting machine has proven itself time and again in the market since its launch with its 4 controlled CNC-axes that allow optimal movement coordination and top precision for grinding carbide-tipped circular saw blades.

Capable of cutting costs and boosting long-term productivity with its automation levels, the CP200 can machine all common tooth geometries in one cycle with the new Vollmer user interface, which guarantees simple and convenient operation on the colour LCD display. The CP 200 delivers compactness, precision and performance, three elements that will once again prove a crowd pleaser among visitors to the Vollmer Stand 5251.

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