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Kerf Introduce NEW Waterjet Cutting Range
Kerf Introduce NEW Waterjet Cutting Range

Kerf Introduce NEW Waterjet Cutting Range

Added to MTDCNC by Kerf Developments Ltd on 14 August 2015

As a market leading manufacturer of plasma and oxy-fuel cutting solutions, Kerf Developments has now extended its portfolio with the introduction of a new range of waterjet cutting machines. The arrival of the new Optima Series of waterjet machines will now enable Kerf to offer a cutting solution for a vast array of materials in scenarios that may demand anything from low volume or prototype parts through to high volume production.


The addition of the Optima Series to the Kerf portfolio now enables customers to enhance precision, surface finishes and productivity regardless of material type. As a 'cold cutting' process, waterjet machining eliminates the potential for heat distortion, material hardening and the associated material stresses. Furthermore, the process delivers clean cut and burr-free edges that eliminate secondary hand finishing operations. The Optima waterjet series now enables Kerf customers to process hard materials such as mild, stainless and tool steel, aluminium, titanium, brass and copper whilst brittle materials such as carbon fibre, ceramic, granite, Kevlar and marble are also easy to process. Taking your cutting potential even further, the Optima can also slice its way through soft materials such as foam, acrylic, nylon polypropylene and rubber to name a few.


This remarkably diverse capability is further enhanced by the option of a 3, 4 or 5-axis head that will cut complete parts with impeccable quality and precision. For the modern machine shop, the Kerf Optima can be installed to reduce material waste, on-machine cutting times and reduce tool consumption and costs. How? By cutting your raw material blanks to near-net shape as an 'upstream' process from the machine tool; the Optima enables the customer to rapidly realise time, material and cutting tool savings. Furthermore, by utilising the nesting software with the Optima machine, customers can witness even greater material savings.


The Optima Series is available with a host of options that vary from table size, number of axes and also the amount of desired cutting heads - all features that can be expertly packaged to meet the exact demands of the customer by Kerf Developments. With regard to the cutting stroke, the Optima is offered with an X-axis of 2, 3 or 4m and a Y-axis span of 1, 2, 4 or 6m with bespoke dimensions available upon request. The Z-axis stroke permits cutting of material up to 180mm thick whilst achieving a precision level of 0.1mm.


Like all machines from the Kerf stable, the new Optima Series is an extremely robust, heavy duty machine that has been designed to stand the test of time. Incorporated into the machine is an innovative roller guide design that extends the life and precision of the axes movement. With no moveable bellows, the Optima has stationary side covers for the X-axis to maximise protection and prolong the life of components. Similarly the water tank that supports the material remains separate from the machine frame eliminating vibration ensuring that consistent cut quality can be achieved.

The Optima is supplied as standard with Kerf Developments renowned Burny 10 LCD control unit that ensures this robust and high quality machine also gives customers a user friendly interface that can reduce programming and cycle times. All of this is backed by Kerf Developments' unsurpassed reputation for quality products that are supported by effective service and maintenance packages. For further details, please contact Kerf on Tel: 01706 757670

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