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New Wele AA65 VMC series launched in the UK
New Wele AA65 VMC series launched in the UK

New Wele AA65 VMC series launched in the UK

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 05 December 2013

2D CNC is launching the first Wele AA65 Series comprising four high precision vertical machining centres that each have Y- and Z-axis travels of 650 mm by 600 mm but with X-axis options of 900 mm in the AA965, 1,100 mm in AA1165, 1,300 mm in the AA1365 and 1,500 mm in the AA1565. The AA65 Series has been developed by Wele to provide a general purpose, heavy duty metal cutting machine range that incorporates a number of options to allow specific tailoring of the specification to suit production requirements.

Wele Mechatronic is an award-winning, strategic alliance company within the JTEKT Group that owns the world leading machine builders of Mitsui Seiki and Toyoda Machine Tool.  Both these key product ranges are also represented in the UK by 2D CNC of Rushden, Northants and JTEKT is a sub-group of Toyoda car maker Toyoda Koki.  Prior to the 40 per cent ownership by JTEKT, Wele was very successful in providing mechanical research and development for the machine tool industry.

This machine tool building engineering ancestry is reflected in the build standard of the AA65 Series that incorporates four guideways in its Meehanite cast machine bed to support the saddle.  This high quality annealed and age heat treated cast material is also used for the machine column, carriage and spindle head.  Each machine frame has some 56 surfaces hand scrapped to a flatness of 3 micron in order to help achieve geometric tolerances and positioning accuracies of 0.012 mm and a repeatability of 0.006 mm to VDI/DGQ 3441 standards.  Direct drive spindles giving higher speeds or two-speed geared heads enabling higher torque machining are available.

As standard the AA65 machine range is fitted with an 18.5 kW, 6,000 revs/min motor with gearbox, BT50 spindle with BT40, HSK A63 and HSK A100 tapers as options.  Spindle speeds of 8,000, 10,000, 12,000, 15,000 or 20,000 revs/min are also available with toolchange via twin-gripper from a 30 tool magazine as standard with further options of 32, 40 or 48 tool positions.

As an example of design for production input, swarf control has been taken as a key area with a coolant flush system feeding to two Y-axis direction screw-type conveyors plus an X-axis direction caterpillar style conveyor.  Coolant through the spindle is standard and 20 bar high pressure coolant supply is an option.                                              

Control is via Fanuc OiMD as standard with options of Fanuc 31iMB or Heidenhain  iTNC 530.   Each has 4th axis preparation.

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