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New Norma FT from Correanayak
New Norma FT from Correanayak

New Norma FT from Correanayak

Added to MTDCNC by DTS (UK) Ltd on 31 March 2015

DTS has now introduced the latest addition to its travelling column milling machine, the Norma FT from Correanayak. Developed for machining large components, the Norma FT incorporates an extremely large machine bed capable of accepting workpieces up to 10 tonnes.

With the ability to provide a machining platform for such large and heavy components, the NORMA FT floor-type milling machine with fixed table has been designed for machining medium and large-sized parts up to 20,000mm in length. With a ram configuration, the Norma FT allows cross course work 1250mm and vertical 1500 / 2000mm. This combines with an oversized bed that incorporates four wide linear guides to provide this machine with maximum rigidity and accuracy.

Depending upon the demands of the end user, the Norma FT can be acquired with a variety of table sizes that range from 4.8m by 1m up to 23m by 3m with a longitudinal axes from 4 to 25m. This powerhouse machine delivers flexibility and speed with feeds up to 40m/min on the X-axis and 20m/min on the Y and Z with a programmable spindle speed of between 3000 and 6000rpm depending upon the selected options.

As would be expected from any DTS machine, the new travelling column machine delivers a torque range of 840 to 990Nm that is derived from a 24 or 33kW motor. Designed for maximum material removal rates, the 50 taper spindle nose has been designed to accept large cutting tools that can remove material at remarkable speeds for the utmost in high speed production of large parts.

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