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NTY3 from Nakamura MTD check it out at EMO
NTY3 from Nakamura MTD check it out at EMO

NTY3 from Nakamura MTD check it out at EMO

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 16 December 2015

At the EMO show, the MTD team took a look at the latest Nakamura turning innovation, the NTY3 which is now available in the UK from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG). The '3' signifies three tooling turrets, a introduction that will enhance the already impressive productivity credentials of the Nakamura range. Each of the three turrets can be applied independently on either of the two turning spindles.

Why three turrets? Well, if you have a complex part with a lot of features and you need to get the parts off the machine fast, this is the investment for you. The turrets offer turning, milling, drilling, boring in complete synchronicity. 

For turning shops that are processing bars up to 65mm, this machine is worth looking at. It is available in two derivatives with a bar capacity of either 42 or 65mm. The machine has a 6 inch chuck. Looking at the machine a little closer, it has the two spindles, three Y-axes, two C-axes and also a B-axis. This gives complete multi-axis machining to the end user. And for those that may think the machine appears somewhat complex, the NTY3 has an intuitive control panel with a 19 inch display that makes the machine easy to set up and get running. 

The compact machine has 72 tool positions with up to 36 driven stations to minimise set-up times. The spindle is capable of reaching speeds of 6,000rpm and the 18.5/11kW spindle is a power output on both the right and left hand spindles. The driven tools are capable of rapid material removal rates and this is credit to a 5.5/3.7kW drive motor on all turret stations. For further information on how the NTY3 can improve your productivity, please contact your local ETG sales representative.

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