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New low cost Oxy-fuel profile cutting solution from Kerf

New low cost Oxy-fuel profile cutting solution from Kerf

Added to MTDCNC by Kerf Developments Ltd on 25 January 2013

For manufacturers seeking a low cost Oxy-fuel profile cutting solution, Kerf Developments has now launched its new Scorpion 2000G profile cutting machine. The new Scorpion 2000G has a cutting width of 1.5m with a cutting length of 3m, and like all Kerf profiling machines, a bespoke solution can be provided to meet the needs of the end user.

The cost effective Scorpion 2000G is supplied with the renowned Burny CNC control system that offers a 50 standard shape library to simplify the programming process for customers. Furthermore, the Scorpion offers X/Y jogging in eight directions, mirror rotation and scaling for parts, plate alignment and a selectable kerf option. The new Burny control incorporates an Intel Pentium processor that is over 300% faster than its predecessor, making this a powerful control system.

This exceptional control is provided with the Lantek Expert I CAD/CAM software that incorporates full nesting of components to maximise material efficiency and reduce waste. With its intelligent lead-in and lead-out technology plus a material database to ensure the customer optimises the cutting process, the Burny CNC truly is an exceptional control. Additionally, the Lantek Expert I provides post processors for the Burny controls to ensure files are efficiently transferred.

The easy to use and extremely capable software package is the ideal solution for entry level customers, giving end users a combination of flexibility, capability and simplicity. The software with the Scorpion 2000G accepts 2D files from AutoCAD and Solidworks in DWG and DXF format.
With a high quality Harris Oxy-Propane cutting torch in the cutter carriage; accuracy of the Scorpion is second to none.

With the cutting head mounted on precision machined linear guideways that are complete with a ballscrew drive system. This combination delivers remarkably smooth travel and adjustment of the cutting head whilst processing.

As with all Kerf profile cutting solutions, the cutting bed is an extremely rigid and robust unit that is capable of cutting very heavy plates up to 300mm in thickness as standard. For further details on the new Scorpion 2000G, please contact Kerf Developments on: 01706 757 670

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