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Pat Fenn talks to MTDCNC about the new Haas UMC 750
Pat Fenn talks to MTDCNC about the new Haas UMC 750

Pat Fenn talks to MTDCNC about the new Haas UMC 750

Added to MTDCNC by HAAS Automation on 14 June 2015
As one of the world's largest machine tool builders, Haas has recently introduced its latest 5-axis machining centre, the UMC 750. To find out more about this machine, MTD spoke to Haas UK's Technical Director Mr Pat Fenn.
Giving us the detail behind why this latest innovation is expected to be a big-hit in the marketplace, Pat told MTD: 'As the latest addition to our 5-axis line, the UMC 750 is based on the trunnion configuration that Haas has worked with for a number of years. The machine has a lot of componentry from previous models, so it has a proven foundation. The benefit of this machine is that Haas hasn't had to implement new parts, it has just applied the parts in a different configuration.'
'However, the trunnion on the UMC750 runs across the Y-axis as opposed to the Z-axis like previous models. This is mounted on a HRT450 rotary table at the back with a support at the front. This supports a table with a work envelope of 600 by 500mm with continuous rotation.'
What this gives the end user is a flexible platform with a rotation of 110 degrees to -35 degrees as well as the continuous 360 degree rotation with exceptional rigidity for heavy duty cutting and flexible machining. 
Referring to the components applied from previous models, Pat confirms: 'The spindle motor and assembly are from the existing super speed machine with technology that is applied to the VF3 and VF4 SS machines. These machines are well proven in industry.'
The software and control is also based on existing technology with two new and unique features being added. One is called TCPC (Tool Centre Point Control) and the other is Dynamic offset shift. What this means is that a component that is set in the centre of the machine can be removed and it doesn't have to be re-set in the same position. 
As well as the standard UMC 750, Haas has also developed a UMC 750SS. The UMC 750 has a 8100rpm spindle as basic with the option of a 12,000rpm spindle. The SS variant is a 15,000rpm spindle for high speed machining applications. 
The tool changer can accommodate 40 tools in the ATC with another tool in the spindle and from a size perspective, the new machine can hold parts over 300kg on the table with parts up to 500mm diameter accepted on the trunnion table. This new machine is aimed at customers familiar (or entering) the 3+2 machining arena whilst also providing full 5-axis simultaneous cutting for more advanced machining.


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