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Variable precision toolholder for automated tool grinding

Variable precision toolholder for automated tool grinding

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 25 July 2015

The fully automated SCHUNK PRISMO3 grinding toolholder is a high-precision all-round solution for automated production grinding and sharpening of tools. By means of direct clamping without the use of collet chucks or intermediate sleeves, the SCHUNK PRISMO3 clamps all shank diameters between 3 and 20mm.


The repeat clamping accuracy permanently runs at ≤0.005 mm and the run-out accuracy is ≤ 0.01mm at an unclamped length of 45mm. During the clamping process the tool shank is automatically centred in the toolholder. An optimized contour assures that the grinding wheel can run out unimpeded, even in demanding operations. In comparison with conventional multi-area grinding toolholders, the set-up time is reduced by up to 75%.


In addition, customers reduce costs by not having to invest in intermediate sleeves and collet chucks. The X-axis always remains unchanged regardless of the tool diameter, this means all clamping jaws remain in the identical axial position, it is possible to machine a broad range of drilling, reaming and milling tools around the clock in unmanned operation without reprogramming the L1 measurement. The expense of additional programming and the danger of a collision caused by unnoticed axis misalignment are therefore eliminated.


Compact dimensions and durable design


The layout, the base sleeve and the robust construction give the toolholder its exceptionally high rigidity. Its sturdy jaw guides prevent the grinding discs from swinging up and almost completely eliminate axial eccentricity. The chuck jaws are hard-coated and therefore very robust and durable. Nevertheless, if the jaw set is ever damaged, it can be replaced as a unit. In order to prevent dirt accumulation and to permanently maintain the high precision, the chuck is flushed with clean oil during the grinding operation. Whether for axial clamping cylinders, radial rear-end toolholders or custom machine interfaces the SCHUNK PRISMO3 is compatible with the grinding machines of all renowned manufacturers. Compact dimensions of 125 x 125mm leave ample space for the tools, grinding process and loading.

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