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Free probing package with all new  XYZ vertical machining centres
Free probing package with all new  XYZ vertical machining centres

Free probing package with all new XYZ vertical machining centres

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 27 May 2015

Customers ordering a new vertical machining centre from XYZ Machine Tools before the end of August 2015 will also benefit from a Renishaw probing package valued at £3221 - totally free of charge. The new Primo probing system is a new concept in probing technology and how it is presented to the end user, making use of a licensing system with user tokens valid for six months allowing customer to spread the cost of probing. With the offer from XYZ Machine Tools all of the initial cost and the first six months of use are taken care of at no cost to the customer.  

This Renishaw probe deal is available on any of XYZs range of vertical machining centres ordered before the end of August 2015 and the total package includes a Renishaw Primo Radio Part Setter Probe, a Primo Radio 3D Tool Setter along with Primo Total Protect enhanced warranty and six months of user tokens. The normal selling price of this free Renishaw probing package offer from XYZ Machine Tools is £3221 (ex VAT).  

At the end of the initial six month period customers have the option of purchasing additional six month user tokens, that include ongoing support of Primo Total Protect (PTP), purchase a lifetime user token (this excludes PTP), or hand the probing system back to XYZ.

'The benefits of part and tool probing are well known, but for lower cost machining centres the investment in probing, which could have been as much as 15 per cent of the machine cost was prohibitive. With the license style arrangement of the Renishaw Primo system these customers can make use of the ‘pay-as-you go’ use of the probe. With XYZ Machine Tools eliminating the initial cost of the probing package this is an ideal way for customers to take advantage of the productivity gains that probing can bring, with no financial risk to themselves,' says Nigel Atherton, Managing Director, XYZ Machine Tools.

Another feature of the Renishaw Primo system is its use of FHSS radio transmission which eliminates the need for any wires connecting the part and tool probe, making their use and installation extremely straightforward and, in the case of the table mounted tool probe, repositioning is quick and easy when required. Other aspects of the system are identical to existing Renishaw OMP40 and TS27R so, if you already use these probes there is no requirement for additional operator training. For those customers unfamiliar with probing, the system is compatible with the Siemens Shopmill conversational programming system supplied with XYZ machining centres. Once installed users can immediately start to benefit from rapid and accurate tool and part setting; improved set-up accuracy; fast and consistent set-ups; reduced scrap; reduced operator costs; and detection of broken or incorrect tools. All of which result in significant productivity gains and cost savings.

In providing the Renishaw Primo system free of charge to all customers buying a new VMC before August 2015, XYZ Machine Tools is facilitating all of these benefits with no initial investment by the customer. Details of the offer can be found on XYZ’s website at http://www.xyzmachinetools.com/index.cfm/machinetools/Exhibitions.FreeProbing

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