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Process Carbide Bandsaws with Precision

Process Carbide Bandsaws with Precision

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 18 May 2012

At the recent GrindTec 2012 exhibition, Vollmer, the specialist in grinding and eroding machines launched its new CB 200 sharpening machine for carbide-tipped bandsaw blades.

The new CB200 is a precise grinding centre for the machining of tooth faces and tooth tops of carbide bandsaw teeth (carbide with tungsten carbide) to ensure that the metal can be cut more efficiently than ever before. The exciting new CB200 offers an attractive price-performance ratio that makes it suitable for the manufacture of carbide bandsaws for the construction and metal working industries.

"For years our CB400 has guaranteed the highest quality level in the manufacture of carbide-tipped bandsaws. With the new CB200 we succeeded in transferring this expertise into a medium-sized machine. Therefore, our customers can manufacture carbide bandsaws in the mid-price range and offer them to the metal processing industry at attractive prices a market which, in our opinion, will develop enormously in the coming years, says Dr. Stefan Brand, Managing Director of the Vollmer Group.

With carbide-tipped bandsaws, the average performance can be significantly increased to consequently deliver lower costs than bimetal bandsaws. In addition, carbide bandsaws achieve significantly higher service lives and more precise cutting when machining aluminium, plastic, steel and cast iron. In order to comply with the increasing demand for carbide bandsaws in metal processing industries in the mid quality sector, Vollmer conceived the CB200 grinding machine. With this new innovation, customers can sharpen both straight tooth faces and the most diverse geometries of the tooth tops of saw teeth.

Presented for the first time at GrindTec 2012, the CB200 can machine carbide bandsaws with tooth pitches up to 10mm. The Vollmer machine covers saw blade widths from 9 to 200mm and with regards to blade thickness, this spectrum reaches from 0.5 to 3mm. As the 'little' sister of the CB400, the CB200 is fitted with four instead of six CNC controlled axes and is adjusted manually.

On the basis of the 'tried and tested' Vollmer technology, carbide-tipped bandsaw blades can be manufactured with high productivity on the CB200. The precise machining guarantees high quality bandsaw blades in uniform quality for the metal processing industry. Bandsaw manufacturers can combine the CB200 with the Vollmer CAF310 or the CBF400 sharpening machines for side machining. For production in unmanned operation, the CB200 can be extended with an N220 coil adjustment and N210 winding apparatus.

Epitomising Vollmer's operating philosophy, the new CB200 guarantees maximum operating comfort and ergonomics for the end user. Utilising Vollmer's concise symbols to make intuitive programming on the control panel extremely simplistic, the new CB200 can also store up to 4000 programmes. This simplifies operation and reduces machine set-up times considerably. Added to this, the new machine uses a familiar Windows based interface with USB ports for the convenient exchange and storage of data. Included in the 4000 programs are all standard tooth geometries for metal machining plus multi-surface programs. The programming of the CB200 also enables the machine operator to separately control the grinding speed for each surface.

As with all Vollmer products, the CB200 is supported with an extensive programme of helpful and economical services that include professional advice, financing and service contracts. Vollmer tailors its packages to suit each individual customer with detailed consultation and projection that incorporates finance and assurance, training and commissioning, maintenance and servicing, original spare parts plus upgrades and software. For further details on how Vollmer can cater for your machining needs, contact your local representative.

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