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ProDesign LU800 sets the standard for 5 axis machining
ProDesign LU800 sets the standard for 5 axis machining

ProDesign LU800 sets the standard for 5 axis machining

Added to MTDCNC by DTS (UK) Ltd on 08 December 2014

Design & Technical Services (DTS) has now introduced its new ProDesign LU800 5-axis heavy duty machining centre. Weighing in at 19 tons, this machine guarantees rigid, high performance machining for a wide range of industry sectors.

Capable of accepting parts up to 1000kg, the DTS ProDesign LU800 provides a large machining envelope of 800mm in the X-axis, 900mm in the Y-axis and 620mm in the Z-axis. The heavy design is a cast base with a gantry type configuration that also incorporates castings on either side of the gantry to further enhance the robust nature of the new machine.

The C-axis on the table can rotate a full 360 degrees whilst the A-axis tip and tilt provides a +/-120 degree for full simultaneous 5-axis cutting of large parts. Like the machine spindle, the A & C-axes are driven by direct drive motors to provide one of the most rigid and powerful machine tools on the market. Despite its large capacity and robust nature, don't think that this is a slow and cumbersome machine - far from it. With full simultaneous 5-axis machining and a 12000rpm spindle speed as standard and 18000rpm as an option, this new DTS colossus offers rapid feeds of an eye-watering 48m/min.

The spindle has a  BT40 (HSK63 as option) to maximise material removal rates and this is fed cutting tools from a 32 station tool changer. To remove the vast amounts of swarf this machine can generate, DTS will supply the machine with a fully incorporated swarf extraction system at the side of the machine with flood coolant to the left, right and rear of the spindle plus through coolant as an option to guarantee that all swarf is washed away from the work envelope as efficiently as possible.

To simplify access to this huge work envelope, DTS is providing the machine with a Heidenhain 530 control unit that can be easily moved from the work entry point. In addition, the machine has two doors and a retractable roof for loading large parts. For anyone that requires a large capacity machine with astounding flexibility and productivity levels,  Chorley based DTS has this new machine available in stock.

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