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New Quaser HMC from ETG

New Quaser HMC from ETG

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 31 July 2014

Now available from ETG is the new line of Quaser HX504 horizontal machining centres.  The Quaser HX504 is a highly productive, robust and extremely capable machining centre that has been developed to improve productivity, quality and capability for the end user.

The Quaser HX504 is a pallet loaded HMC with each pallet providing a 500 by 500mm capacity. With a spacious work envelope and an X, Y and Z axis travel of 762mm by 640mm by 810mm respectively, this new HMC is the ideal solution for machining a large variety of components. The HX504 has a BT40 taper spindle for accomodating larger cutting tools to maximise material removal rates and this is driven by a 25kW or 35kW motor that provides up to 12,000rpm.

To minimise set-ups and tool changeovers, the Quaser HX504 has a 60 position ATC as standard with the option of 120 or 240 tool stations. As expected from a machine of this quality, the Quaser HX504 provides rapid feed rates of 48m/min with acceleration of 4m/s2.

To comply with the controls of most modern machine shops, the Quaser is available with three control options. The powerful Fanuc 31iB and Siemens 840 controls are available as is the Quaser Mill i package. This extremely rigid and robust machine tool has a total weight of 13,000kg that fills a floor space of 3450 by 4280mm. Within this footprint, ETG is offering one of the most productive, high quality and flexible machine tools in its class. Furthermore, with its BT40 spindle taper and high quality build specification, the Quaser HX504 has been created to maximise productivity, improve surface finishes, precision and even prolong tool life through its rigidity.

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