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New Quaser range of MF 5-face machining centres

New Quaser range of MF 5-face machining centres

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 21 September 2012

The Quaser range of MF 5-face machining centres, available exclusively in the UK from Hardinge Machine Tools Ltd, has been expanded with the introduction of the large capacity MF500C machine with an enlarged trunnion table to accommodate substantial size workpieces.

The new MF500C can accommodate a 500 x 300mm workpiece with a table load capacity of 200kg yet for a machine of this capacity operates on a very small footprint ratio, the latter being just 2.6 x 3.2m.  It is equipped with a BBT40 spindle taper with a maximum spindle speed of 15,000rpm.

The MF family of 5-face machines has enjoyed considerable success because they bridge the gap between simultaneous and non simultaneous 5 axis and are ideal for machining in multiple set up situations. 

Hardinge market the MF non simultaneous Quaser machines as ‘four plus one’, personifying this increasingly popular approach to five axis machining which for a high percentage of users provides a very cost effective and technically sound machining solution.

In essence a machine such as the MF500C allows the operator to machine with any four of the five axes. An axis will be idle but this can be altered at any point in the operation so that a first phase might use A, X, Y and Z while the second operation may not utilise A - the tilting axis - but bring in C, the rotary axis.  It should be stressed that on the MF500C each axis is a full CNC with contouring capabilities.

Martin Doyle, sales and marketing manager of Harding Machine Tools explains, “The five axis non simultaneous approach is viewed in some circles as bridging the gap between a 3 axis upgrade (using a 4th or a 5th axis rotary table) and a full simultaneous 5 axis machine.  But there is no suggestion of compromise in our view; it offers a highly adept solution and users are very impressed with its capabilities and the qualities and efficiencies it brings to their operations. The latest large capacity version will open up new opportunities for both the machine and the users.”

As standard the UK Quaser MF500C machines are equipped with the popular Siemens 828D controller although a Fanuc option is available on factory order. 

Such has been the demand for large capacity 4 face machines that Hardinge is now working with Quaser to bring an even larger version - the MV720C - into the UK before the year end.

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