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RK International cleaning up your Machine Tool
RK International cleaning up your Machine Tool

RK International cleaning up your Machine Tool

Added to MTDCNC by RK Int Machine Tools on 15 September 2015

RK International has now extended its product portfolio with a simple and affordable way to clean your coolant on multiple machines. The new ECO-4 Oil Separator is a mobile device designed for cleaning your coolant.

It is inevitable in the manufacturing and production process that coolant will become contaminated with dirt oil, grease and particles of machined materials. This will lead to the valuable loss of properties within the coolant for cooling and lubrication. The off-shoot of this is that quality of finished components and service life of the machine tool will quickly diminish.

Contamination of coolants are also the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that are responsible for the unpleasant smells that also help increase the risk of infection to machine operatives.

These problems can be resolved with the ECO-4 Oil Separator as it cleanses the coolant from oil and other contaminants. Furthermore, it provides a better work environment for the machine operator, prolongs tool and cutter life, helps reduce Oil Mist, extends the periods between drain and replace, clean and re-fill of coolant and it also helps to remove a source of nourishment for the bacteria that thrives in dirty coolant.

The impressive new system from RK International is compact with overall dimensions of 1020 x 900 x 500mm (Height x Length x Width) and a weight of 89kg. This unit has a coolant throughput of 200 - 450 litres/hour with a working temperature of below 60°C. The ECO-4 requires an air pressure of 3 - 6bar and it also incorporates a 300 micron pre-filter, 20 litre separated oil container and it is also offered with a UV steriliser.

As standard, the ECO-4 from RK International is supplied with a CE Certificate, machine manual and operating instructions, oil separator container, coalescing insert, 2m incoming and return hose.


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