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ROMI Injection Mould
ROMI Injection Mould

ROMI Injection Mould

Added to MTDCNC by Romi Machines (UK) Ltd on 05 April 2016

As a manufacturer of office furniture and furniture components, Suscom Industries Ltd has witnessed considerable growth that has now seen the family owned business invest in two ROMI Primax 600R injection moulding machines that complete a production cell.

The Wigan Company that manufactures anything from arm rests, foot-rings, castors and telescopic shrouds for office furniture was previously sourcing the equipment externally. But with the global business environment, the Northern Company decided to bring production in-house. Commenting on this, Tino Tartaglione, Business Development Director at Suscom Industries Ltd says: ‘We were previously in manufacturing and we then opted to outsource, but with the global economic climate, we decided to bring production back in-house.’

With regards to the choice of ROMI machines, Mr Tartaglione continues: ‘We had been speaking with ROMI for some time and their reputation preceded them. In terms of a complete solution, the ROMI staff worked with us to deliver our objectives. We wanted a highly automated solution and the technical staff at ROMI made our lives very easy.’

The company has two Primax 600R injection moulding machines that are loaded and unloaded by Kawasaki robots that were all supplied as an integrated solution by ROMI. The success of the installation has helped the company to grow by 33% in 2015 and the company is projecting similar growth statistics for 2016.

‘I think it is imperative for our future that we buy more ROMI machines as it is clearly the future for our business,’ concludes Mr Tartaglione. From a technical perspective, ROMI Machines UK Sales Manager, Mr Neil Bathard recalls: ‘For this customer, key factors were the cell longevity, quality of the machine, repeatability and the overall consistency. We work very closely with a number of project integrators to deliver this cell and the result is a complete success for Suscom Industries Ltd.’

Alluding to the detail of the complex cell, Mr Bathard continues: ‘The cell is producing the star shaped legs that sit at the base of office chairs. The 6-axis Kawasaki robot enters the machine and removes the part and places each part into a jig. From here, the robot picks the part from the underside of the jig and places it upside down on a conveyor. The next step is for the robot to insert a metal ring and the parts then follow a conveyor where the moulded parts are cooled to shrink the material to retain the ring position. When the part arrives at the end of the conveyor, a third robot picks the parts, places them into another jig where the 5 castor wheels are automatically installed. The final step is for the robot to pick the completed assembly from the jig and put it on another conveyor that transports the parts out of the cell. This sees a complete assembly produced and assembled in the cell and then delivered to the end of the production line. For Suscom, it wasn't just the technical ability of the machine, it was our ability to project manage the complete package and deliver it to the end user.’

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