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VTL? check out ROMI vertical lathes...
VTL? check out ROMI vertical lathes...

VTL? check out ROMI vertical lathes...

Added to MTDCNC by Romi Machines (UK) Ltd on 28 September 2014

The new line of ROMI vertical turning centres has now been developed for the machining of heavy components that demand a rigid, stable and versatile machining platform. Ideal for processing rings, sleeves, flanges and other similar components that may be of a considerable size, the VT Series from ROMI has an outstanding build-quality for such demanding tasks.
There are 6 machines in the new VT range and this includes the VT1400, VT2000, VT2500, VT3000, VT5000 and the VT6000. Each model is specified by its maximum chuck diameter that ranges from 1.4 to 6m. This vast dimension range enables the new ROMI VT line to offer a maximum cutting diameter from 1.6 to 8m with a workpiece height from 1.265m to 4m. Allowing the operator to load such sizable parts, the VT Series can accept a maximum workpiece payloads from 12 to 90 tons depending upon model selected.

Suitable for the aerospace, oil & gas and power generation sectors, the VT range is a true powerhouse among turning centres with a main motor drive from 84 to 108kW, depending upon machine selection. This headstock provides a two speed gear range that is from 1 to 84rpm and then 1 to 335rpm on the smallest VT1400 model and on the largest VT6000, the speed range is 1 to 25 and then 1 to 40rpm.

 The spindle is supported by high precision tapered roller bearings that enhance positioning, repeatability and precision for the workpiece. With regard to the gantry type configuration, the cross rail is fully programmable and as standard, the vertical RAM has an ATC magazine for 12 tools. The vertical and horizontal axes are driven by AC servomotors and high accuracy ball screws, which are controlled by a Siemens 840Dsl CNC control unit that incorporates the latest hardware and software technology. Furthermore, this CNC system is equipped with a 10.4‘‘LCD colour monitor, 16 soft-keys to select and activate functions in the operation screen plus an Ethernet and USB interface. This all combines to deliver remarkable flexibility for loading programs and parameters.

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