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Schaublin machines SA launches 202 TG Turn / Mill and Grinder
Schaublin machines SA launches 202 TG Turn / Mill and Grinder

Schaublin machines SA launches 202 TG Turn / Mill and Grinder

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 22 September 2013

Schaublin Machines has now launched its new cost effective 202TG  8-axis Machine Tool. Configured in several versions enabling Hard turning, Milling and Grinding that offers impeccable precision levels for applications in the automotive, micro manufacturing, cutting tool, optical, aerospace, medical and defence industry sectors; such is its diverse capabilities.

The exciting new 202TG that was recently launched at EMO 2013, Europe's showpiece manufacturing event has been developed to improve productivity, precision and component quality whilst reducing set-up and cycle times with three operations in one machine tool that can operate simultaneously. Created as a flexible solution, the new 202TG is as comfortable in a production environment as it would be producing small batch runs and prototypes.

The new 202TG has a machining diameter capacity of 80mm with a maximum machining length of 160mm whilst the headstock offers a maximum through-bore of 19mm. As a manufacturer synonymous with power and precision, the latest offering from Schaublin Machine has a continuous headstock torque of 35.1Nm with a spindle speed capable of reaching 7000rpm. The stroke of the X1-X2 and the Z1-Z2 axis is 160 and 300mm respectively with the ability to reach working feed rates of 8m/min. As one of a select few products on the market to seamlessly offer hard turning, milling and grinding in one machine, the 202TG provides thermally cooled grinding spindles with exceptional power and speed outputs.

When developing the new 202TG, Schaublin Machines had a set of target criteria that it wanted to achieve. The recent launch of the new machine at EMO bears the fruit of the company's achievements with a hard turning and grinding centre capable of milling through its driven tooling stations. In developing the 2020TG, the Swiss manufacturer focused upon creating a machine tool that is extremely precise and suitable for machining small diameters whilst offering modularity and an ergonomically friendly design for ease of use and flexibility. Part of this flexibility is the ability to accept collets and chucks for workholding and the ability to integrate the machine into an automated environment with a bar-loading facility and the easy integration of an unloading arm or conveyor if desired.

At the base of the machine the quality is apparent. The 202TG has spindle and servo motor cooling to prevent thermal instability and to guarantee that accuracy is maintained on long production runs. The spindles are driven by synchronous motors that can start, hit top speeds and stop significantly faster than competitor machine tools. This quality is also built into the cross slide with glass scales delivering a resolution of 0.0005mm to ensure accuracy and repeatability is unparalleled. With previous machines that offer turning and milling with a grinding facility, a key concern to end users is the ability of abrasive powders and materials to create friction and wear of the moving parts of the machine. However, Schaublin has covered this base with all moving parts being fully protected to ensure a long service life of the new 202TG.

The optional revolving tool turret on the new 202TG utilises a VDI16 system that accommodates up to 12 tool positions with up to 6 tools having driven capability. With a maximum rotational speed of 6000rpm and a 7Nm torque, the turret offers flexibility, power, speed and rigidity to meet all the machining needs of the end user.

Further options include the internal and external grinding spindles for precision production beyond the realms of alternate machine tools. The internal spindle offers a maximum speed of 60,000rpm and a power output of 6KW whilst the external grinding spindle has a maximum speed of 25,000rpm with a power output of 7KW. As both spindles are controlled by a synchronous motor, the power, efficiency and ability to reach operational speed rapidly are unrivalled. As waste removal is an issue with such a diverse machine, the 202TG incorporates a chip conveyor system for removal of chips whilst grinding waste is controlled in the 300 litre coolant sump that has paper filtration for waste as small as 10 to 20 microns.

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