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ETG's simultaneous 5-axis machining centre for less than 100k
ETG's simultaneous 5-axis machining centre for less than 100k

ETG's simultaneous 5-axis machining centre for less than 100k

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 26 August 2015

The MTD team has just been to the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) in Southam to take a look at the new Quasar MF400 5-axis machining centre. Here's what we discovered...

Firstly, the price-tag was something that got our juices flowing. The opportunity to purchase a high quality fully simultaneous 5-axis machining centre for less than £100k, don't come around too often.  Digging a little deeper into the specs of this machine, we discovered for your outlay of less than £100k, you will get a machine with a work envelope of 410mm in the X-axis, 610mm in the Y-axis and 510mm in the Z-axis. This spacious work area is complemented by a 320mm faceplate on the rotary table that permits movement of -30 to +120 degrees swing with full 360degree rotation. 

As for the spindle on the MF400, it has a 12,000rpm capability that can be upgraded to 15,000rpm. Either spindle unit is supplied with 20Bar high pressure coolant. As standard, the ATC has capacity for 20 tools with the option for upgrading to 60 tools that can be multiplied to give a staggering 120 tool capacity. The machine is available in two designations with the MP400C being a 4+1 configuration and the latest machine being the MP400U full 5-axis machine tool. As standard, the MP400 is supplied with a powerful Heidenhain 640 CNC control unit.  

The Southam company can retrofit the machine to the demands of the end user with many being selected with the Blum Novotest tool measuring and monitoring laser system. This system detects tool length settings and breakages to simplify production and minimise downtime for the end user. The capabilities of the MF400U is making it an extremely popular machine across Europe with a number of sales being attributed to the production of complex components in the mould & die, motorsport and aerospace sectors.

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