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Big savings with the new Star SR 20RIV
Big savings with the new Star SR 20RIV

Big savings with the new Star SR 20RIV

Added to MTDCNC by Star Micronics GB Limited on 23 May 2014

The SR 20RIV is the latest addition to the Star Sliding head lathe range. Introduced into the market 18 months ago, the SR 20 RIV can accomodate up to 41 tools offering the engineer a wealth of tooling options. Interestingly this model enables machinists to perform 5 axis simultaneous machining thanks to the fully programmable B axis driven tools.

The SR 20RIV also offers double the amount of back working tools compared to earlier models, eight in all and with the right equipment this machine can handle bar diameters up to 23mm.

With two 10,000 rpm spindles, this machine is extremely efficient, powerful and equipped to machine complex components.

When it comes to being efficient, reducing bar remnant by as much as two thirds is also a possibility with the RIV machine by switching into non-guide bush mode.

Watch our brief video interview with Alec Warner from Star GB, discussing the new SR 20RIV.

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